The Importance Of MLK
By Kickntrue on 1/18/10
Martin Luther King Jr. may not have been a golfer but that doesn't mean he isn't important to the current state of the game.
... Dr. King understood with remarkable acuity the political and symbolic power of sports. He understood that the athletic field -- and athletes -- could be a powerful megaphone for civil rights and racial justice.
While sports may still be integrated without the help of Dr. MLK, he certainly helped progress the cause and helped shape the minds of a new generation of Americans. Without Dr. King there may still be a Tiger Woods- but certainly not as we know him, which present circumstances withstanding, would be a very bad thing for the sport.

Golf Channel put together a nice little video segment on Dr. King if you'd like. Full Story
Golf Channel Video

Until last year I had never listened to the entire "I Have A Dream" speech. Most people know the highlights (about 20 seconds) of the speech- but it's an amazing 17 minutes and well worth your time whether you're black, white or purple. If you're an American you really should be able to say you've seen or heard the entire speech.

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