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I Love Bad Press Releases
By Kickntrue on 1/19/10
I love bad press releases and there is no better time to find them in golf than the week before the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL. A first-year Public Relations major can give you the basics of a good press release; start with your best and most important information and work your way down to the details. At the end, add company info. The shorter the better.

Okay- so the first press release I read today from Imperial Headwear titled, "Imperial's "That 70's Promo" Has No Star Power,"
DENVER January 2010 - 70's musical greats Don Henley, Steven Tyler, Gloria Gaynor, Robert Plant, Roger Waters and Donna Summers, are not attending the 2010 PGA Show.
Yep- that's their lead. It goes on...
"Though they are not attending the 2010 PGA Show, they think this promo is awesome," a spokesperson was quoted as saying. "They would find it hard to ignore an offer this groovy."
Intrigued? I'm not.


Next week- I think I'm going to find a representative from Champs and Softspikes to fight to the death to determine once and for all who is the best soft golf cleat company. The only weapon allowed... a shoe, fitted with their own company's spike. Reading press releases from these companies each Monday and Tuesday is a truly entertaining experience. Each of them makes a claim about the previous weekend's tournament that mathematically makes no sense, unless a majority of the players on Tour are mix and matching spikes.

From Champs:
This week at the Sony Open, CHAMP spikes were prominently seen on many of the world's best golfers. With 42% of the field in CHAMP products, it is not surprising that week after week the numbers of CHAMP players is on the increase. Six of the top ten finishers were wearing CHAMP spikes.
Okay, fair enough, right? Wrong.

From Softspikes:
Brentwood, Tenn., January 18, 2010 ... Softspikes®, the world's best selling golf cleat brand, enters its 14th consecutive year as the #1 brand on the PGA TOUR, according to the independent Darrell Survey. This distinction was further validated this past weekend at the 2010 Sony Open, the PGA TOUR's first full field event, as Softspikes earned its first victory of the year, backed by 75% plastic cleat field usage, including 26 of the top 40 finishers who wore the Company's stable of products.
Admittedly, this week's ridiculousness is actually better than most. It seems Softspikes has a new modifier, "plastic," which at least leaves some wiggle room in the numbers. If they had 75% of all plastic cleats, and Champs had 42% of the entire field, maybe a ton of players are wearing metal cleats. Still- I want to see the fight. Maybe I can get them to agree to arm wrestle.

Imperial Headwear

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Mookie says:
I'm thinking the independent Darrell Survey is a guy named Darrell.
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