Sergio Says Expect Tiger Soon
By Kickntrue on 1/19/10
Everyone seems to know that Tiger is coming back soon... you know, except the small fact that they're just guessing. The latest person to predict Tiger's return is Sergio Garcia. I can comfortably guess that Tiger has not talked to Mr. Garcia anytime recently, so this is just speculation. Eh- I guess that's all anyone has been doing for the last two months, so why not?
"The best thing for Tiger at the moment is to get on the course and do what he knows best," said Garcia, who had a personal rivalry on the PGA Tour with Woods over the past 10 years. "Only he knows when he is going to come back. I have got the feeling that it's going to be earlier that what everybody thinks."


"I think he (Woods) is very strong mentally and it's not like the break he had for injury a couple of years back when he had the knee problem," Garcia said. "If you can't walk you can't swing. It's different."
Fair enough. Let the guessing continue.

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wrhall02 says:
Yawn. The PGA and Nike will make a few billion $$ less without Mr. what?

I liked the "sans Tiger" Sony Open. The finish was unpredictable. If Woods would have played, I would have likely not even bothered watching the final two rounds as Woods would have (likely) had a huge lead and the rest of the field would be fighting for second place.

Tiger Woods is the best golfer today, maybe of all time. He was unquestionably a marketing dream for "the golf industry" as a whole. It will be interesting if he has the same allure in the future. However, Golf Tournaments are boring to watch(on TV) with Tiger in the field. No other player gets coverage if Woods is playing. Sorry to conclude, without Woods, I like watching golf on TV again because I get to see all of players get some coverage...and the winner is unknown until the last putt.
Banker85 says:
on the other hand you have the millions who only watch when Tiger is playing. Me i watch either way. Prefer field with Tiger.
joel714 says:
The only thing less interesting than the trials and tribulations of that bum, Woods, is the rambling of Sergio the also ran. Once a wannabe always a wannabe-couldn't even win with Greg Norman's daughter, where he also finished out of the money.........
Tim Horan says:
I was always taught...if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything.
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