A Better Use For A Golf Course
By Kickntrue on 1/20/10
Real estate development is a bad use of a golf course. Housing 50,000 Haitian refugees on the other hand sounds like a positive.
The prestigious Club Petionville, on a hill in spacious grounds overlooking Port-au-Prince and the Caribbean sea beyond, has been transformed into probably the biggest refugee camp in Haiti after last week's catastrophic earthquake.

Down the lawns and beyond a loose military cordon, the golf course is covered with tents, made from poles and sheets by people who flocked onto the club's grounds after the earthquake brought down its perimeter walls, as well as their homes.

The club, named for former Haitian President Alexandre Petion, largely escaped damage, save a few broken pillars.
Golf has plenty of problems but obviously nothing compared to the plight of the Haitian people, and that goes for before the earthquake ever hit. I'd like to think Augusta National would do the same in a time of crises, but I know better.

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Von-Diesel says:
Glad to hear their priorities are in order.
joel714 says:
Augusta National Golf Club and most of the people of Augusta, Georgia are better prepared and more able to take care of themselves than the rabble that lives in Haiti. Those people have allowed themselves to be subjected to corrupt and ruthless rulers for many years and have gotten what they allowed their government to do. We are facing a similar situation with a government out of control and ruining a once great country. If we do not take action to stop the corruption and dishonesty, we could end up just like the poor souls of Haiti. Natural disasters can destroy an area, as it did in New Orleans, but in spite of the left's criticism of Mr. Bush, the city and its surrounds are better now than before the storms. A wise man once said that "people get the government that they deserve"
mmontanaro says:
The irony is that Mr. Bush couldn't find New Orleans with a map. But I do agree that people get the gov't they deserve. These warlords fight over who will control mudpits and slums. Well, now they have control- GOVERN! But they can't because they're not interested in governing- only in money and power. Same problem in a lot of Africa and the mid-east.

However, I do wonder if that golf course in Haiti is cart path only...
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