Jack Nicklaus Turns 70!
By Kickntrue on 1/21/10
Today is Jack Nicklaus' birthday and it's the big Seven Oh. There are tributes all over the web and I think Golf Channel is doing something tonight, but I'm going to link an essay written by another great, Arnold Palmer, on his friend Jack.
One thing, though, through it all, Jack and I have been of one mind and pursuit with regard to expanding and protecting the integrity, the dignity and the traditions of our great game. Because of the success we enjoyed in those earlier years, we were generally recognized and looked upon as the faces of the game, the role models for our fellow players and, more importantly, for the millions of golfers world-wide.
There are additional essays written by Tom Watson, Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus II. They're worth checking out.

Name another sport where you'd still pay to watch a 70 year old play?

Now... on to the inane. This is completely unscientific and I'd imagine with 4 minutes on Google I could find some hard proof (I won't) but I'll share my hypothesis anyway. I think more people are born from January 15-February 15 than any other time. I know SO many people born between those times (my birthday is on Sunday if you want to send a gift). The only thing I can come up with to explain this- Tax Refunds. People do their taxes on April 15 and either get a refund, or really know the state of their finances, and then decide on starting or adding to a family. 9 months later- Bam.

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Banker85 says:
My bday was this past monday, so you pick me for addict winner and i will send you the new shoes i just got. deal?

Happy birthday Jack!
mschad says:
Sorry, but late summer....

But happy BD to you and Jack anyway!!
mmontisano says:
gives a new meaning to "cabin fever"
mustang6560 says:
interesting theory.
falcon50driver says:
I watched a little bit of golf back when Arnie and Jack were playing. For some reason I seemed to like Arnie better. Someone once told me I had a swing similar to Arnold's, I said "Really?, Arnold Palmer?". They said "No... Arnold Ziffel" the pig on Green Acres.
joel714 says:
Both Mr. Palmer and Mr. Nicklaus have added tremendously to the character of the game. They both have behaved in a gentlemanly and respectful way at all times. Their record of performance both on and off the course is commendable, quite dissimilar to the current superstar of golf. If either of these gentleman ever misbehaved it was done in a way as to not embarass themselves or their families or bring shame on the game of golf. Tiger's stain will remain for a long time. I doubt he will be remembered for his accomplishments on the course, more than those on the mattress.
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