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Anyone See CSI Last Night?
By Kickntrue on 1/22/10
I've failed you. Please forgive me. CSI is no longer on my Thursday night viewing schedule (Office, Bones, Mentalist, + wife watches Grey's and Private Practice) so I missed last night's episode and didn't even know it was going to give you guys a headsup. Last night's show revolved around a golf murder and featured Duffy Waldorf, Rocco Mediate, Natalie Gulbis, David Feherty and Gary McCord. has a fun interview with Gary McCord who "starred" in the episode.

Fortunately, in this day and age we live in it's not too late. has the full episode available online. It's still one of the highest rated shows on TV so I'm guessing someone saw it. If so- please check in with your thoughts on the golf stars' acting chops.

Gary McCord Interview
CSI- "Long Ball" on

The link also has a fun story about Rory McIlroy's recent fender bender. He was on an icy road and his car slid into a cabbage patch (seriously!). Rory's response, "I didn't have anyone chasing me!" I'm starting to like this kid more and more. ZING!

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mjaber says:
I love Tivo. I'll be catching up on this weeks shows (including this one) tonight.

How can you not watch Fringe?
grsonnierjr says:
I watched...they acted as well as the professional actors and actresses. I even think Kevin Na was in the episode. Although they did not give him mention in the promo's from the was very golf acclimated...there was golf lingo used in the lines the CSI's would use to make comments and some were quite comical. I don't know if it is true about laser beams juicing golf balls...that I would like to know if it is a fact.
Backquak says:
Don't drive angry, That's a good lesson for golfers, don't break clubs or sling clubs, someone could get hurt.

I like Rory's response, that's just what everyone was thinking. It's like it was from Letterman's monolog or something.
lcgolfer64 says:
Rory is awesome. Follwed his round at the PGA Championship at Hazeltine this last year. He was so accomodating to the fans. One particular - He went up to talk to some little kids (and this was on Saturday!) that had 'Rory Fan' signs while waiting for his approach shot. I was on the other side of the fairway, but he spent a good few minutes talking to them. Had to have made their weekend!
Matt F says:
I watched it and have to agree with grsonnierjr's comments. They acted quite well. Yep, Kevin Na was in it as well.

Don't drive angry...probably on of the best lines in the episode.
bducharm says:
@Backquak - Isn't that what Bill Murray said the groundhog in Goundhog Day - "Don't drive angry"...
PabloRiv says:
It was a fun epsiode, my wife always watches CSI and I usually go watch the Golf Channel on the other TV instead, not this time though. Now, off to the lab to juice some balls...
mjaber says:
I thought the best line was Rocco asking for a ruling.
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