Mickelson May Use Ping Eye 2 Wedges
By Kickntrue on 1/25/10
When a couple scrubs decided to bust out 20 year old clubs with U Grooves- no big deal. When Phil Mickelson decides to do it... this could be fun. A couple weeks ago John Daly and a few others in Tour used old Ping Eye 2 wedges which have U Grooves but are legal to be used on the PGA Tour because of a lawsuit settlement case years ago. It's a clear loophole around the new ruling and there is nothing the PGA Tour can do about it.

There is a lot of talk about whether a player using them, despite being legal is within the "spirit of the rules." Personally, I think it's great! For what it's worth, Phil used to play Ping clubs when he was in college and says he has a garage full of the old wedges if he decides to go that route.

I hope he wins this weekend- there will be a mad rush to sell any Ping Eye 2 wedge in existence to a PGA Tour Pro.

As amateurs- we have better outlets for U Grooves. We can keep buying them for the next year (after next year manufacturers have to stop selling them). The Ping Eye 2's may be nice- but I'll take new technology AND U grooves, please. Of course- if the 20 year old wedges prove to be successful- what does that say about all the "new technology" over the past 20 years?

My guess is that Mickelson ends up NOT playing the old wedges. He knows where his bread is buttered.

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bducharm says:
I think Callaway may have an issue with that but it would be cool. We'll see...
Kickntrue says:
@bducharm- yah- I think he'll go back to Callaway, but their contracts don't actually require them to play the clubs they wear on their hat. They almost always do this, for obvious reasons, but it's not required. I still have a hard time believe any 20 year old used wedge's grooves can be as sharp as a brand new wedge- V groove or not. You can rework the club, but you cannot mess with the grooves- so it's not like these are "re-sharpened" or anything.
Backquak says:
I guess I don't understand the rules completely. I understand that the ping eye 2's were declared legal because of the lawsuite a few years ago, but how does that superseed the new groove rule. If the new rules says U-grooves are illegal how can old clubs with U-grooves be legal. I mean all the wedges with the illegal grooves are now un-playable. Why would this not apply to the ping eye 2's?
Panerai111 says:
This is so weird. lol
bducharm says:
I understand about the club contracts but Phil has designed the wedges for Callaway. I agree - he will use new wedges every darn week probably.
Banker85 says:
i guess your right. im using u's ultimately until unearthed unveil universalized uhhhhhhh, u get my point
Shallowface says:
When Ping and the USGA settled their dispute over the Ping Eye 2s some 20 years ago, those clubs were "grandfathered," making them legal forever.
I read on another site that Callaway is actually helping Phil get these where he wants them, so obviously they have no problem with it. It's probably their way of sticking it to the USGA.
As far as the 20 year old technology of the Ping Eye 2s is concerned, they are equal to or superior to anything available today. A lot of the sole grinds touted today as new technology are very much like the sole on the Eye 2. Ping has always been way ahead of everyone else when it comes to offering great wedge sole grinds as stock offerings.
Backquak says:
I guess that answers my questions. thanks shallowface
TeT says:
The BeCu wedge seems to be the one that ppl are paying for right now. Funny, its started but wait until it gets mentioned on NBC during back 90 on a Sunday... Wish I had some. Check the discarded club barrel at the driving range...
SweetJazz says:
I could really care less about all of this wedge groove controversy. These new wedges may create a brief learning curve for the best golfers in the world but the game of golf will remain the same. I am sure if the PGA asks Phil to abide by the new rule despite a legal loophole he will do so. New or old grooves will not help or hurt my game. The only real concern I have is if Eidolon will still have a 48* square groove head available this spring when I match my current Eidolon 52* and 60*.
joel714 says:
The idiot Scott Mccaran blew his mouth off and called Phil a "cheater". I can't wait until the lefty's lawyers sit on McCaran's mouth. Slander in public is a big deal and I hope it costs that fool a ton of money and a public apology. McCaran is a has been and is jealous of PHil and should be smart enough to keep his mouth shut. Golf skills do not make one smart as evidenced by a certain superb player, now residing in the dog pound.
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