By Kickntrue on 2/1/10
A lot of golf news happening over the weekend... but I gotta admit, I'm still recovering from the a post-PGA Show hangover (though it has NOTHING to do with the picture I snapped on the right).

Let's see- we had Phil Mickelson cheating, John Daly quitting and Rickie Fowler finally showing his promise. Of course- none of that compares to Ben Crane's ridiculous putting and victory at Torrey Pines.

I'll be doing some posts later today, but to start off- check out's weekly PGA Tour Confidential as they breakdown the actual golf going on this weekend. Frankly, as a golf fan, it should be mandatory Monday Morning reading.

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Clint24 says:
I'm recovering from the show, and I only went Friday. I was really hoping to meet you guys, but never saw anything Oob related.
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