Daly- about 100 lbs ago.
John Daly, "Just Kidding"
By Kickntrue on 2/1/10
So- I was ready to write a heartfelt story about the retirement of John Daly, but it appears he's changed his mind. Okay- so maybe I wasn't really going to write a 15000 opus on Mr. Daly, but I will say this; it amazes me that after everything he'd done and put his fans through, he can still move the needle in golf. In terms of "real" news in golf that can affect things like web traffic and front page news only Tiger, Phil, and Daly really make it happen. That's really amazing if you think about it.

Anyway, from Mr. Daly,
"Never said retirement in anything or twitter — i want to correct that! simply sayin I need my time & working through these bad times thank you," the tweet said. Daly shot 71 at Torrey Pines, missing the cut by nine shots. Stopped in the parking lot by a crew from Golf Channel, which is filming his reality show, Daly said in a series of clipped responses, "I'm done. ... I can't compete. ... Just can't play like I used to." About an hour later, Daly clarified his position on Twitter.
I love breaking news on Twitter. He corrects himself 60 minutes after his initial comments but because mainstream media doesn't take Twitter seriously, there are still stories being written on Monday about him retiring.

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mmontanaro says:
Yeah, saw it live on the Golf Channel and didn't really see any room for interpretation- "I'm done" is pretty final. Phew. Thank god for Twitter and our ability to put out a "press release" correcting our misstatements without having to go through our agent and allowing us to bypass the media (who still have their head in the sand). It's hard to be a fan of someone who is constantly in and out of the game in a 12 month period. I'm trying, but it's really hard.
Beekeeper45 says:
WOW, I thought that this kind of action could only happen in the NFL!!!
wrhall02 says:
Daly draws attention, but it's not he "purty" type of attention. More like the "Jerry Springer" type of attention...

The PGA likely adheres to the conventional wisdom: "Bad and/or ugly news is better than no news."

It will be interesting when his exemptions run out. He has the talent, but I still question his discipline. The weight lose is a good start. Can he grind his way through qualifiers without the exemptions?
mmontanaro says:
I really haven't seen the talent everyone keeps talking about. I'm looking.... Ah, 79 and a missed cut- there it is!
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