Tiger Woods Foundation Still Good
By Kickntrue on 2/1/10
I read an article via Geoff Shackelford's blog this morning and thought it was worth highlighting; Tiger is still doing good things for people through his foundation.
The head of the Anaheim City School District says he's grateful for the center, saying the 20,000 or so kids it has touched in its short existence far outweighs anything Woods may have done in his personal life.

"Having a resource like the Tiger Woods Learning Center is just incredible," superintendent Jose Banda said. "It comes down to money, especially with budgets the way they are. The stuff they have is state of the art and expensive stuff."


This class is mostly Hispanic, and nearly all are from low-income families. Ask if they know who Tiger Woods is, and they're quick with a response.

"He's a professional golfer," one says.?
I know spending/donating money doesn't make you a good person and it doesn't forgive sins in your personal life, but I think it is important to keep in mind some of the good things that have also happened because of Tiger's status. The fact is, Tiger has probably been able to provide for more people than all of the readers of this site combined.

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