Federer, Henry, and Some Golfer- Selling Blades
By Kickntrue on 2/5/07
Tennis Champ Roger Federer, World Class Striker Thierry Henry, and some 3rd Place golfer will be joining forces to advertise for Gillette. The terms of the deal are unknown, but this is good news for anyone who's had to look at a particularly pathetic gotee while watching golf on tv in the past couple years.

Best quotes from the press conference:
"I started [shaving] a little late. My stubble didn't quite grow in," said Woods, his face red from a sandstorm earlier in the day. "My dad showed me how to do it and I tried to do it just like him. I got foam all over the place."

Henry, the Frenchman who stars for Arsenal in the English Premier League, said he admired Woods and Federer but had trouble watching golf.
"I would stay up really late to see Tiger play," Henry said. "Sometimes, I have to be honest, I did fall asleep."

Check out the full story HERE.

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