Callaway Going Super Bowling
By Kickntrue on 2/2/10
Callaway will become the first ever stand-alone golf company to sponsor Super Bowl coverage. The California-based company will sponsor 30 minutes of pregame coverage from 5pm-5:30pm EST which will include commercials as well as visual on-air logos.
Phil Mickelson, who endorses Callaway products, is expected to predict the outcome of the game by driving two golf balls — one representing the New Orleans Saints and the other the Indianapolis Colts.

“The Super Bowl has grown to become an unofficial American holiday and presents an unparalleled promotional platform,” said Callaway Chief Executive George Fellows.

Callaway will be front and center on TV screens more than an hour before kickoff. The game is scheduled to begin about 3:30 p.m. Still, the company expects 21 million viewers will see its ads.
A couple things are pretty interesting here. For one- the cost. 30 seconds of Super Bowl commercial time during the big game costs over $2M. Obviously to buy a bigger spot like this costs less per second, but much more overall. I'd have to think at least $7M-$10M... but that's just a guess. The second thing that's interesting to me is that this is a clear knee jerk reaction to TaylorMade's AMAZING play in Super Bowl advertising, jumping in with the E*Trade baby commercials wearing a TaylorMade R9 visor. That was pure genius- and cost much much less than what Callaway is doing.

Let's assume that the move is costing Callaway $7M. Let's assume their average sale is around $300 of which they make about $150 (again- all just guesses). That means they'd need to generate about 50,000 sales to make up for the cost. Now, I know other things go into this, including branding and the price of obtaining a new customer, etc., but still- there is no way this can make any financial sense.

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This is how you do Super Bowl advertising. Pay for sponsorships inside someone else's commercial. Perfectly executed.

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cvargo says:
love this youtube commercial its a classic
mjaber says:
I think Callaway should give every oobGolf member a free set of clubs. I think that advertising would be cheaper, and better, than sponsoring part of the pre-game that nobody watches.
neilsav says:
What a great commercial - a free set of clubs would be great too :)

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Backquak says:
Great idea mjaber, we oobers could spread the word about how great their clubs are, ofcourse they should pay for us to play 4 or 5 rounds a month so we can show off the equipment. I mean, us telling everyone how great it is and showing off the merchandise, that would certainly be good advertising. I haven't played any of their stuff, but I suppose I could give them a try if they want to "advertise" in my bag.
Banker85 says:
i think it is a great move and will pay off. you gotta spend money to make money sometimes.
mmontanaro says:
You have to remember that they're really not going for serious golfers here. They're generating name recognition. When the casual golfer goes to his local KMart or WalMart or wherever he buys golf clubs (cause he needs new clubs for that once-per-month round/beerfest with his football buddies), and sees some Callaway clubs in the rack, he'll reach for them because, in a moment of lucidity, he'll remember the Callaway name.
chrisfb1 says:
only thing i know about callaway before i started playing golf was a race car brand name Callaway.
its about time for people to put some brand name out there for beginners. Golf have some really bad name brands(or not very attractive names)-this is only to me when i started playing few years ago and have no knowledge about golf brands. First, "Taylormade" always make me think about clothes. Thwen, "PING" make me feel it is a chinese brand. Titlist is nice, but they got such a boring logo(the actual word). Callaway was the only brand got my attention, it doesn't sound like a place like "Cleveland", it doesn't sound foreign like "PING". They have a pretty good color theme going on their site and products. It was just matter of time, for them to go into the mass market as a fully commercialized brand for everyday consumers. the questions now is who is next?
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