McIlroy Expects Major Within 4 Years
By Kickntrue on 2/2/10
Rory McIlroy wants to win a major championship within 4 years. In the next four years I'd like to lose 25 lbs.

Chances of Rory achieving his goal- about 50%?

Chances of me achieving my goal... I dunno... 5%?

I can't wait until my son is old enough to learn his first life lesson; you can do anything you put your mind to. Of course I'll follow that with the caveat of life lesson number 2; life is not fair.

/Straight A's again Holden! Congratulations... but can you manipulate a metal lever to project a sphere into a 4" diameter cylinder 400 yards away? Pftt... it's off to trade school for you!

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Backquak says:
Is that when "the bet" matures? Didn't his dad place a wager that Rory would win a major by his 25th birthday or something like that?
Banker85 says:
has he won on the PGA tour yet? he has mad skills for sure.
bducharm says:
I don't think there's any chance that Rory will NOT win a major in 4 years! He has all the tools and now his confidence is coming out as well. The new group of golfers are going to make the next 3-5 years exciting (Rory, Ryo, Rickie, etc.) Hey, wait a minute - do you need your first name to start with an R to have a chance??? Guess I'll go by Robert versus Bob!!! LOL
cheymike says:
He hasn't won on the PGA tour yet. His best finish is 3d (twice). Trust me, I'm not trying to take anything away from him, because I think Rory has mad skills as well. But his stats (other than driving distance) on the PGA aren't that great. His time is coming, and may even be this year, but he hasn't shown it yet.
Johnn04 says:
He was second to Tiger in avg score last year. Last I checked your score is the only thing that matters. So for you to say he doesnt have the stats is a little ridiculous.
falcon50driver says:
4.25 inches
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