Mickelson Made His Point
By Kickntrue on 2/3/10
Mickelson accepted Scott McCarron's apology for calling him a cheater and said he's done with the Ping Eye 2's... just making a point.
Phil Mickelson says he won't be using the Ping Eye2 wedge that led a fellow player to accuse him of "cheating," saying he has made his point about a rules problem he wants to see fixed.


Mickelson said he hopes players continue using the Ping wedge to keep focus on what he called a ridiculous rule. Meanwhile, PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem says he is working with Ping officials on a solution.
So- just as many people thought, Phil was being a purposeful prick. To that I say- well done. Kudos as well to Callaway for being wiling to let him play and a make a big media fuss over the Pings for a weekend to make a point. I could see a lot of companies NOT being into that.

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TravisMiller says:
I also give Phil kudos for this. Callaway as well.
bducharm says:
Well played Phil - well played!!!
cheymike says:
Too bad he didn't win with it. That would REALLY have made things happen fast!
jbird899 says:
I don't get it....now he is saying that he did it to prove a point? That's such BS! That's a weak excuse Phil, the true question is if he didn't get called out would he have said anything? I doubt it.
jbird899 says:
Also he wanted to sue McCarron after he was called out. If he was playing them
to prove a point, after being called cheater he would have said "Exactly, that's why I am playing them...to show people that should be outlawed". Instead he poured and lawyered up. Just makes me dislike this guy more. I'm sorry but Phil is a prick.....AKA F.I.G.J.A.M.
teeoff says:
It is all a deflection on how poorly he played with the wedges. He was given a second chance to make a run at the top spot with Tiger Woods out and he's blowing it...again.
georgelohr says:
Why such a negative reaction to using legal clubs? I understand it's a loophole, but they are legit to use. What if the USGA screwed up and the Vokeys were allowed with "u-grooved/micro/cross/ninja-mastergrooves"...then the regular Vokey/Titleist guys would be lookin' good because they are endorsed by Titleist already, but when the Callaway/Ping/TaylorMade guys switched their wedges to Titleist to keep on an even playing field they'd be hammered by the media and some of you guys! Phil playing poorly with these wedges proves they are not a HUGE advantage. For the record I think the switch to v-grooves is pointless...the USGA has run out of things to make rules on.
k-von says:
So if the USGA finally resolves this issue and finds a way around the lawsuit, is it safe to say the value of an Eye2 wedge will return to $25?

Aside: This sort of posturing out of Phil is just so transparent. If it was me I would call out McCarron for NOT using the wedges. Then again, if it was me I would have lost at least two sleeves of balls between the gallery and pacific before bowing out Friday.
Bryan K says:
Is it possible to engage in a short sale of those Eye2 wedges?

Always looking for a chance to make a profit.....
cheymike says:
I read elsewhere that McCarron couldn't use the Pings if he wanted to. He's under contract to not play anything but his sponsor's clubs. Mickleson is under contract to play 12 Callaway clubs and he picks which 12. Phil has been critical of this rule since the day it was announced. I actually wonder if Phil and Scott may have "planned" this display to get the attention its getting.
cheymike says:
WAAAAAYYY back on the day this all happened, Phil said he was doing it to make a point. Hell, he announced he was going to do it before the tourney even started! It took him a couple days to talk about sueing and that might also have been done for the extra attention it got.
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