Will Tiger Be Back In 2 Weeks?
By Kickntrue on 2/4/10
With all the doomsday scenarios of Tiger not playing all year flying around, this seems like very welcome news. I'd normally toss this up to wild speculation, but a couple major news organizations have picked it up (CBS, LA Times).
The Melbourne (Australia) Herald Sun, citing, well, nothing more concrete than "strengthening whispers," reported that Tiger Woods might return to tournament golf at the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship in Tucson on Feb. 17-21.
Okay... that doesn't inspire much confidence but it's something. It's pretty interesting that Accenture was one of the first sponsors to drop Woods. The old Tiger would hold a grudge and never play the event again, but I'm not sure new "Needs-to-be-Humble Tiger" can do the same. It would certainly be an act of humility.

I'm still putting his chances of playing in 2 weeks at about 20%. It does make me more hopeful for the Masters though. I don't think we can survive majors without Tiger. We've played that game- and it isn't fun.

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GolfSmith7 says:
Not a chance he comes back in two weeks. NONE!
Shankapotamus says:
I don't think there is any chance he'll be back but it wouldn't be a bad move on his part to make the US media literally travel half way around the world to harass him.

I'll be at the Phoenix Open in 3 weeks. No chance he will come back to that crowd but it would entertaining if he did.
cheymike says:
OK... so think about this... How much of a slap in the face will it be to Accenture if he plays their tourney and WINS????
Banker85 says:
i hope so...
brianshaffer32 says:
That would be a great situation for Accenture, they get massive coverage on what was their premier athlete and they won't have to pay him. I think Accenture would love it if this is the tournament that he comes back to.... along with the rest of us
blackhawk says:
Because Accenture is the sponsor, I don't think Tiger will be there even though WGC events are on top of his old priority list of events along with the majors.

My guess is Arnie's tournament. In light of the recent damage to his legacy, that friendships will now be the new priority.
ReggieK says:
I prefer to watch golf as it is without Tiger. That way I get to see more players, more shots, get more info about the other players on tour and don't have to hear how he is always hitting great shots while the camera shows us others who hit great shots right along side him. I always did like the underdog.
Optimus Prime says:
It is refreshing to watch the other players. I always liked Stricks (as Tiger calls him). I do think they make too much of Tiger during tournaments. But come on...golf without Tiger is like eating diet ice cream.
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