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Unique 6th At Riviera
By Kickntrue on 2/5/10
The Riviera Country Club's unique 6th hole is host to this week's PGA Tour stop. Well- the whole course is hosting the event, but the 6rh hole is by far the most interesting. I have to admit- I don't watch much early season tv coverage- so maybe this is oft-discussed, but I haven't heard or read anything about it; the 6th hole at Riviera has a bunker in the middle of the green.

/just did a Google Search... realized it's pretty famous...

Anyone know the story? What do you do if you hit a wayward shot that lands on the opposite side of the bunker as the pin? I guess you just get your wedge out on the green and chip over it?

Go to your favorite mapping site (I used Google Maps) and type in this latitude and longitude: 34.040478,-118.507655. Make sure to zoom in as far as you can for extra fun (and switch to Satellite view).

Google Maps

View Larger Map

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mjaber says:
We've been talking about something similar in the forums.

Check it out here www.oobgolf.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1687

My understanding is that, yes, if you happen to be on the wrong side of the bunker, you pull out your wedge and have a go at it. There was a short instructional clip the golf channel ran once about it, too. I don't remember when they ran it, though.
mjaber says:
I'm more enjoying the 10th, though. I love drivable par4s, especially one as penalizing as the 10th @ Riviera.
woobwoob says:
There is a replica of the 6th at Tour18 here in TX (www.tour18-dallas.com). No chipping is allowed once on the green, so you better get on the same side of the green as the flag, otherwise you better prepare for a 3 putt because the green is fairly flat, no hills to ride in order to make the ball curve.
sigmapete1 says:
No chipping allowed at that one in TX that someone mentioned? Not that its a big deal to me, but are local rules that dictate what club someone can use on a part of the course allowed by the USGA? Sounds more like mini-golf stuff. I guess its necessary thought for all the people that would take a 3ft divot on a chip. Oh well!
mjaber says:
How's this for coincidence... Dustin Johnson aced this very hole today. Watched the video on pgatour.com. Front hole location. Rain. He got it a little past the hole and it spun back, right into the hole. He even repaired his ball mark.
dad-2-3 says:
Phil Mickelson's chip over the bunker....

dpoimboeuf says:
I played the Tour 18 version in Dallas. It seems like the starter told me that if you needed to chip, you could move your ball to the nearest fringe, not closer to the hole. I elected to putt and 3 putt I did. That's a fun course btw... The closing holes are Amen Corner, and they are uncannily precise replicas. For less than $100 you can play Amen Corner, the 6th from Riveria, 17 at TPC Sawgrass, The first hole from Cherry Hills, etc... It was pretty cool, if a little cheezy. But the courese was in great shape when I played it. Well worth the greens fee.
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