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I Can't Believe We're Posting This
By Kickntrue on 2/5/10
We have a guest blogger today. He's emailing me his posts- and I can't believe I'm allowing this. Meet Nathan Trifone. He has absolutely no experience as a blogger so I wouldn't expect as much awesomeness as normal- but who knows? Nathan is a somewhat recent graduate of LSU - so feel free to mock him accordingly.

It’s almost here. And I’m not talking about spring. I’m talking about the “Big Game” a.k.a the Superbowl (Apparently, the NFL has a trademark on the word Superbowl and anyone who uses it without permission will face the WRATH OF THE NFL!).

Some of you may wonder why oobgolf is writing about football. Well, if you are asking yourself that question, therein lies the first problem. I guarantee football is talked about more between golfers than any other topic on the golf course. So I think it’s fitting to talk football with my fellow golfers right before the arguably biggest sporting event in the world (I say arguably because the World Cup Final is pretty close).

Back to the game, I think it will be a dozy. I’m a Saints fan so naturally I hope the Colts all get food poisoning (kidding). But either way, the 2010 NFL season will end with a great story. When the Saints win, all the newspapers and sports writers will talk about how the Saints overcame huge obstacles post-Katrina (Tom Benson talked about moving the team to San Antonio, the city was crippled) and Sean Payton and Drew Brees hoisted the Who Dat Nation on their shoulders and carried them to NFL immortality! And IF the Colts win they may talk about how Peyton Manning is the best quarterback ever… who knows.

My prediction: 38-31 Saints. I’ll leave you with a little prayer.

Our Drew, who art in New Orleans, hallowed be thy name. Thy bowl will come, it will be won, in Miami as it is in the Dome. Give us this next game, our weekly win and give us many touchdown passes, but do not let others pass against us. Lead us not into frustration, but deliver us to the Super Bowl. Who Dat!

What’s your prediction?

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dc8ce says:
Saints better win. I've got some cash riding on it!
Mattlite says:
I met Drew Brees when he was still at Purdue. I went to a golf camp there and he was a counselor. Incredibly nice guy and had a great swing, normally just walked around and tried out peoples clubs, he could even hit it well left handed. I got his autograph while I was there, but never imagined he would be as great of a player as he is now. Go Saints!
jeremyheslop says:
My prediction: Drew will choke in the forth quarter to loose by 3. Reggie will complain about his foot/ankle and pull himself. I'm rooting for the underdog. I hope it's a good game. :)
Panerai111 says:
Saints lose a close one.
Kurt the Knife says:
If i want to read about football, I'll goto a football forum.
I don't like the game and I like that I can read at oob without be bothered with it.

my $.02
jpleboeuf says:
LOL Kurt, uptight much?
Banker85 says:
go colts!
cvargo says:
WHO DAT!!!! Saints by 14
cvargo says:
I can't believe that i had it right. Saints by 14 that won me a hundred bucks!!!
falcon50driver says:
You should go to the nearest Casino and ride that streak.
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