Stricker New World #2
By Kickntrue on 2/8/10
Steve Stricker won yesterday becoming the new #2 golfer in the world. I guess that makes him the #1 golfer in the world who actually, you know... golfs.

I have a hard time getting excited about Stricker but he continues to play very good golf- hard to argue with that. With all of the Super Bowl hype plus some family visiting- I didn't see any of this event, but I'm looking forward to shifting into "watching golf" mode. Now that the NFL is over- golf will be my go-to for Saturday and Sunday afternoon television. Maybe I'll to start getting into this whole "Stricker" thing. It seems like some of you on the site are migrating that way. Fill me in on what the hype is about!


I thought the post was over- but it's not. You want to know how unappreciated Stricker is? There is literally not a single royalty free photo of Steve available online (at least not that Google can find). So... you get this pic instead. Don't hate me. :) Essential Monday Morning Reading

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cheymike says:
Do you realize how well you did, completely by accident? I'd rather look at that pic and 100 pics of Stricker!!!
cheymike says:
*that pick THAN 100 pics of Stricker* SHEESH... can't edit it. LOL!
Panerai111 says:
Steve is pretty in pink. Well deserving of the #2 spot.
tminer7 says:
I agree with cheymike. Paula is so hot!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, congrats to Steve...
Banker85 says:
Steve just isn't that exciting, but well deserving, and plays great golf.
Trevor Spring says:
Stricker is top class. If any of y'all 14 handicaps knew anything you just might get it.
Tim Horan says:
That is just the point...he goes about his business in an unassuming way; he is modest about what he has achieved. If you look at where he was four years ago; he has rebuilt a career where lesser mortals would have chucked it all in and become cab drivers or something else. Well done Steve! Not only that... he has done it with grace and charm.
cheymike says:
@ Tim H - I bet he couldn't have found a cabbie job that paid him 25 million bucks over these last 4 years!! I don't think ANYONE would have made that switch! LOL!
I do agree the guy has a lot of class though... Congrats to him on a well deserved win.
dottomm says:
Three words. "Puts for Dough"...
wrhall02 says:
Other than Tiger, I have never seen a golfer drain as many pressure putts as Stricker.
Critics call it boring golf; I like his quiet style. His game speaks for him...n
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