A St. Andrews Super Bowl
By Kickntrue on 2/8/10
What is it like for an American football fan to watch the Super Bowl overseas? Here's your story- direct from a St. Andrews pub.
In front of her, New Orleans native and lifelong Saints fan Tom Slattery — a postgraduate student at the University of St. Andrews — stood with his arms raised, hollering "Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?"

A moment later, Willoughby tried to shush a foursome of fellow Scotsmen, who had broken into song in another corner of the pub. But the jolly Scots couldn't be muffled at the end of the game, despite having very little knowledge of American football. No matter, though, by game's end at 3 a.m. everyone was smiling in The Dunvegan, a pub that sits about 100 yards from the 18th green at the Old Course. The room was still packed when the Saints stopped the Colts on a fourth-and-goal from inside the 5 in the fourth quarter. Considering the fact that Willoughby had written "Oh how I want to be in that number, when the Saints win the Super Bowl" on the menu board at the entrance to the pub, it had been a pretty successful night.
I really need to get around to making a bucket list. I keep saying I'll do it. On that list- I'm going to include watching a big American sporting event overseas (also on it will be watching a world sporting event overseas). Sounds like a jolly good time... except for that whole 3am thing. That has to be the brutal part about being an American sports fan in Europe. We really have it made. Even for European sports (think British Open) we just wake up earlier and watch in the morning. It's actually kind of perfect.

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bducharm says:
I am retired from the Air Force and spent 3 years in England. I was there in 1986 for Nicklaus' Masters victory. Although I watched it at home (not too many pubs open for the Masters) I had many exchanges with my English neighbors the day following. And I did get to St. Andrews before coming back!!! WAY COOL...
Tim Horan says:
Whilst no an avid follower of hockey I do enjoy a good game even if I do have to watch it on the small screen in the middle of the night. There are however a number of pubs/ clubs in the city of London especially in the financial centre that do open for the major American sports events NFL, NBL and the hockey.
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