Tiger To Return In Late March
By Kickntrue on 2/9/10
This is all just speculation but TMZ.com has been pretty accurate with their "reporting" so far- so I'm going to guess this has a good chance of being correct.
Citing a source "who works for the Woods family," TMZ.com reports that the besmirched No. 1 golfer is making plans to tee it up at next month's Tavistock Cup, the made-for-TV rivalry of ritzy Orlando clubs set for March 22-23 at Woods' home course.

Isleworth's annual showdown against Lake Nona is a semi-private affair, where only a few hundred spectators are invited to walk the fairways with 20 top PGA Tour, LPGA and European Tour pros. Golf Channel televises the event.
This is actually a pretty good event for him to come back on. It's basically private but is with other pros so the competition is real enough. It's not as good as a PGA Tour event as far as pressure but "home field advantage" for something like this is tough to pass up. I think there is a good chance this will be the move he makes.

The big winner... The Golf Channel... or at least it should be. In recent years Golf Channel has covered the midweek event. Assuming they have it again- I'm sure their ratings will take a nice little jump.

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bducharm says:
This is getting a bit Favre-like - when is he, when isn't he!!! You know, I'm pretty much done with Tiger. There are SO many GREAT guys on the PGA Tour to follow and support (Stricker, Bubba Watson to name 2) and MANY more. I watch golf no matter if Tiger is playing or not so be gone Tiger!!!
tminer7 says:
I miss Tiger. Let the past go...
jeremyheslop says:
I'll see it when I see it. Until then there is still lots of good golfers to watch as bducharm says. I just wish this snow would go away so I could hit some balls!
Matt F says:
My 2c. He will play again, but somewhere where the media is limited so he doesn't get asked any hard questions. He will have to face the storm sooner or later but as for right now, it seems he's ducking and weaving like a prize fighter instead of showing some intestinal fortitude and facing the media to get it over with.

Trip says:
I agree with Matt. Despite what some people believe, he does have to face the media because he let so many people down. I hope he does it with a little humility, and starts to take on a different approach to the fans and the media. His stoic, iconic persona is gone. He is a mortal now, and should begin to behave with some grace. Once this happens, I'll start rooting for him again.
KVSmith59 says:
great golfer but dumb. He should have faced the media right after all of this came out...it would be over and done with
chrisfb1 says:
Its all PR. dont fall for the PH trick
chrisfb1 says:
this remind me the TV drama "DIRT".
bill27 says:
man i think that its go that he plays berfore the masters
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