Pebble From The Tips
By Kickntrue on 2/10/10
You see articles pop up from time to time of amateurs trying to play a course from the Tips... here is another one.
In mid-December, I played Pebble Beach from the U.S. Open tees. I was attempting my version of the 2010 Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge, in which an ordinary recreational golfer will attempt to break 100, a feat that Tiger Woods once called impossible for a regular guy playing under Open conditions.


My round was spectator-free, and no one in New Zealand or China was watching me on TV, but I still felt shaky, primarily because I knew I was going to have to reveal my score in this magazine. Every time I three-putted, I pictured the write-up and winched my grip a little tighter.
As with all of the other articles on the same subject- it's pretty interesting, despite being a bit unspectacular. As many of you ... I'd kill for the chance. Fortunately, we can still sign up and at least try to win Golf Digest's annual contest.

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US Open Challenge

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