If they are high end... maybe.
Would You Play Yellow Ball?
By Kickntrue on 2/10/10
Ryan Ballengee from Waggle Room asks an interesting question, "would you play a yellow ball?"
Srixon Golf presents an interesting new product for 2010. It's a bit of a throwback, though. Now, reintroducing the yellow golf ball!

This time, though, Srixon is pushing a yellow ball with some science behind it that suggests that the colored ball may actually help you play better.


"Science has proven that yellow is the most visible color in the visual spectrum and psychology has correlated green with calming and stress relief; therefore Srixon has combined the two colors based on these findings to tap into the player's mind and expand the benefits of playing a better ball."

It kind of makes sense. A few years ago, Nike Golf came out with their Maxsight athletic contact lenses with specific hues for sporting performance. The color that they chose for golf was grey-green. They were designed to help with reading greens.
I think people would play a yellow ball, but it has to have high end performance specs. If the ProV1 was yellow- yellow would be the most popular ball color. Still- I have a hard time believing some of that "science." Does color matter to things like your bedroom color and setting moods? Sure. Does the color of the golf ball matter? I'm not buying it.

Am I closed minded?

Full Story - WaggleRoom.com
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georgelohr says:
Red is a very common color used in resturants. It has the effect of making people want to eat, not make them hungry, but want to eat.....so they order more food. Take a look around the next few resturants you enter.
mschad says:
As far as green being calming, not sure. But I have/do on occasion use a yellow ball. My eye sight is not what it used to be and I can definitely see a yellow ball better than a white in the air and for further too.
ForeKris says:
what ever helps me find my ball in the rough... i mean woods.
Bryan K says:
Orange balls tend to be the easiest to spot, in my opinion. I'll shhot any color ball, though. I've even played a pink one before.
Clint24 says:
Its sounds like a good idea and great marketing, but to the more recreational golfer, who will play whatever he/she can find. I play Sxrixon's Z-Star and Z-Star X and they are both really nice. The courses I play around here, when its later in the day and I'm walkin into the sun, its always hard to find my ball because I keep thinking something else is my ball. Yellow may work, it may not; it may not reflect the sun light as much as a regular white ball, or it may. Sounds like a good idea, I'm interested, would like to hear and see some more before I get them though.
ipv6freely says:
Would make me feel like im playing a range ball. Cleveland claims they are being used by some of their staffers on tour this season... would be curious to find out who.
StxLax says:
The New Yellow Balls are the Z-stars and Z-star X. From What i have read.
chipnputt71 says:
The only color that matters to me is 'green' (money), and hopefully it comes from my playing group,at the end of the round. I'll play any color ball as long as it finds its way into the holes in the amount of strokes allocated.
activesense says:
There is truth behind the yellow ball theory. How many of you hit the ball better on the range than on the course? I know I do. There IS method behind the madness...??!!??
Joe Thompson says:
Remember what what happened with white tennis balls...Never say never!
SweetJazz says:
Absolutely!! I only play a yellow ball. I easily lose sight of a white golf ball after 100-150 yards downline. I never have to worry about whose ball that is.
ipv6freely says:
@SweetJazz luckily I never have that issue as I can't hit a golf ball that far anyway :)
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