Dixon Golf Recycles
By Kickntrue on 2/11/10
Dixon Golf is an upcoming company in the golf industry for its clear stance on being "green." Their first golf ball released last year was a hit with environmentalists for being the first golf ball made out of recycled materials. I played the balls for a couple rounds and was pretty impressed with the performance of the ball, at least enough to see where the company would head. Well, Dixon has continued to grow and people are starting to take notice. I ran into the founder of Dixon Golf, William Carey, down in Orlando and had a great conversation about what is new and where the company is headed.

The first question I had was about Dixon's place in the market. Are they looking to be the "green" company or are they looking to compete with the Titleists and TaylorMades of the world for performance? William was very clear on this- they absolutely want to make the best golf ball in the industry. In fact- later this year they'll be releasing a new ball that will become the most expensive golf ball on the market because of its performance and composition.

Here is my favorite part though. If you're a scavenger you may never have to buy a golf ball again. Dixon Golf has a ball recycling program that allows you to mail them balls for credit towards Dixon balls. For ever Dixon ball you mail back you earn $1 of credit while any other ball is worth $.50. With over 300 Million golf balls lost each year there is plenty of opportunity waiting on every golf course. I find balls all the time that I wouldn't play myself- but would be happy to put in my bag to mail back for $.50 worth of credit. Plus- once you convert to Dixon Golf Balls you can wear a ball out- and mail it back for the full dollar (the reason for it being worth more, besides the obvious, is that Dixon can recycle their own balls completely while most other brands can't be used completely)!

The program is definitely going to hinge on one major factor- do their new golf ball perform at a high level? Let's hope they do because Dixon's emergence is exactly what the golf industry needs; a small company who can bring a fresh idea to a stale industry and breathe some life into it.

Dixon Golf - Recycling Program

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Backquak says:
interesting, I would give them a shot, but I'm not interested in "the most expensive ball on the market" unless it's worth the money. They have a great concept, and I hope it catches on, but I think the ball will have to perform as good as the ones it is trying to replace.
Ward says:
I would find it very hard to believe that these large companies like titleist and TM are not using the best materials possible for ball construction.

(meaning, I have very high doubts that these recycled balls play at a comparable level)
Kickntrue says:
@ward- i'd agree except one caveat - I'm sure TM and Titleist are using the best cost-efficient materials possible for ball construction that also keeps profit margins at an acceptable level. Say material costs $1/unit but you could get an equally good material for $1.50/unit that is recyclable but both perform the same. Which one is TM or Titleist going to use? The cheaper one. That's not a bad thing- it's business, but I think equal materials could exist.
Ward says:
good point, given the competetive nature of the business I'm sure the big guys can't afford to use more expensive/more recyclable materials (with the same performance) if the price point is too high

we need some guinea pigs to try these things out
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