How Often Do You Regrip?
By Kickntrue on 2/11/10
Most equipment articles suggest regripping your golf clubs 2x a year. Obviously this depends greatly on how often you play golf, but still, you've got to be freaking kidding me! Unless I'm way off and am just missing a huge aspect of amateur golf, I don't think anyone I know regrips more than once every 2 years (and that's a rare few). Most people I know regrip by buying a new set of clubs. While an individual grip isn't that expensive ($3-$8) by the time you multiply that by 10-13 and pay to have someone do it for you, you're talking well over $100. I don't doubt having new grips is best... but I can't imagine someone is actually gaining to losing too many strokes because of their grips if they don't change 2x a year. In all my life golfing I've only seen a club slip out of someone's hands two times and in both cases it was very much golfer error.

A couple years ago Kevin regripped his clubs in his basement. You can read his account HERE. The process was interesting from a learning perspective but I don't think you're going to find him doing it again. The good news is that there are some new products that may be changing the regripping process. We met a new company (Pure Grips) at the PGA Show that invented a grip that can be put on and off with a special attachment to an air compressor. The process took about 15 seconds per grip with absolutely no mess. If something like this changes the process across the board it's a start, but at $8 a grip it's still an expensive endeavor for a hack on a budget. Regrip my clubs or play 3 additional rounds of golf this year? I'm always taking the golf.

So where are you guys at? Do you regrip more than I guess you do? Article On Finding Right Grip
Pure Grips (including demo video)

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bducharm says:
I do regrip twice a year and wash my grips after every practice or round. I am VERY particular about my grips. It's amazing when I pick up someone else's clubs how slick their grips are.
sigmapete1 says:
I go for once a year. While the clubs won't be slipping out of your hands, worn grips make you grip just a little tighter than nice new tacky grips and that can have a huge effect on your swing. It all depends on how much you play though.
c5agalb says:
I picked up some Taylormade RAC OS irons last year from 3balls golf for $73 and they came with new grips. That alone was worth the auction price. After 3 years, I replaced the grip on my 3 wood only to go out and by a new 3w. Seems to me most people replace the club before the grip is replaced. Is there any truth that a worn grip reduces accuaracy? The times that I've talked to a Pro about regripping, they were of the opinion my grips were ok after two years use. I usually play about 25 rounds a year.
whomsley says:
I regrip once a year. I notice a huge difference. There is more consistency in my swing. I don't have to grip tighter because of a slippery grip. They also get cleaned and dried after every practice and round.

You can purchase a grip kit on Amazon for for less than $50:

I used this kit last year and it worked great. Just have some patience and you will get through it. There are no special tools required. A utility knife, bench top clamp, a trash can and goof off (to remove the old residue). I even re-gripped my Scotty Cameron putter.
windowsurfer says:
I regrip annually or, as others have mentioned, by buying new clubs on flea bay. I've used the GripTec grips and I like them a lot. Easy, cheap, no solvent or tape (unless you want to oversize). I keep thinking these have the "Acme Alum" stuff on them that causes them to shrink onto the shaft. Like the stuff Tweety used on Sylvester's head.
bducharm says:
@c5agalb - NO doubt that worn grips will produce worse shots. You will unconciously grip the club tighter with worn grips. Having new, fresh tacky grips can definitely allow you to relax your hands, which in turn relaxes your forearms and allows you to release the club.
TeT says:
Amazon Grip kit is way to go... cleaning them makes em last a year at least.
tfarrell826 says:
Its one of those things once you do it once , especially upgrading to a good grip from the stock crappy one that came with your clubs, you will do it at least annually depending on how much you play.
JDoughMO says:
Usually 2 times per year. Not because they are worn but more because I do too much experimenting with different grips and sizes. I've got the whole thing down to a streamlined process in my garage. It only takes about 30-45 minutes to do an entire set start to finish.
jerdman says:
Yikes. I haven't regripped my irons since I got them 11 years ago. Never had a problem with them feeling slick or rotating in my hands unless its raining, and I never wear a glove either.
Only grips I've ever worn down are those soft winn grips.
BME_Badger says:
Every 2 years or so. I noticed with my driver this past season that it almost felt like the club was shifting in my hand as I reached the top of my backswing. Talk about a bad distraction :-)

I went to the range with my wife this past year and she was having trouble with something. I said "here, let me show you" and I almost threw her 7 wood 50 yards downrange because the grip was so slick. We immediately went to the local shop and got the whole set regripped and she said her hands no longer got tired golfing... I hadn't noticed she was gripping the clubs to death.
beisenhauer says:
Once a year. Tops.
Bernie Duffer says:
I regrip twice a year. I just did so this week! I do it myself. It cost me almost $150 to obtain all the stuff I needed to regrip myself. However, I save more than $40 every time by not paying the local golf retailer to do it. I played 295 rounds in 2009, the third year in a row I played at least 290 rounds. I can tell the difference between a new and worn grip after something like 100 rounds.
activesense says:
I will be regripping for the first time this year. I don't play often enough to get any substantial wear and take care of my clubs after each round. My reason for doing it is to get the correct size grip on my clubs. The stock grips are too small for my large hands and the tips of my fingers were well under the pad of my thumb. The suggestion is that the finger tips should just touch the thumb pad when holding the club.
cjgiant says:
There has got to be more useful things to spend money on than re-gripping for most people (especially as often as the article states). Yes, if you are looking to shave your HC from 4 to 3, keeping your grips new will probably no hinder that effort, if you can afford it. But thinking simply spending $200 (2x$100 per re-grip) will take you from a 24 HC to a 18 HC is throwing money at the wrong problem. Spend the $200 on 3 lessons with your club professional and it'll be more effective than the grips.
Frenchman says:
I regrip at the start of every season. I learned how to do it myself 15 years ago and I'll never pay someone to do it for me. When I buy grips, I'll buy at least 20 at a time so I can replace one or two during the year (usually my wedges or when I inevitably buy a new club and want my grips to match).
blackhawk says:
I hadn't really considered this before. I tend to do things based on mileage instead of time. My guess for 2X a year would be about 25 rounds for the weekly golfer. I might go 15 and alternate regrips between my woods and irons to spread the cost.
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