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Who Is the Pro Golfer Here?
By Kickntrue on 2/12/10
The AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach is underway and easily the most interesting pairing is John Daly and Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo. So which one was 4 shots better than the other yesterday? That of course would be Romo.

Full Story - Deadspin.com

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bducharm says:
You know it's time to quit when your amateur partner beats the pro!!! Dang, maybe that will make the Being John Daly show interesting!!!
bshepard says:
I doubt they were playing the same tees. Not surprised though since Romo is near scratch and Daly is capable of shooting in the 80" on any given round.
MartijnL says:
Makes sense since Romo is a very good golfer and Daly probably wasn't trying that hard.
munk24 says:
Romo is playing forward tees, the score Romo had is combined with Daly is fourball, Romo made two birdies and commented how much better Daly played. remember their team score is best score on a hole, if Daly bogeyed a hole and Romo parred it, team par. If Daly birdied a hole and Romo bogeyed, team birdie, cmon guys get a grip.
mjaber says:
I wonder if they'll ever get shot tracker setup to allow you to follow the Amateurs as well as the pros during this event.
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