Accenture Match Play Brackets Out
By Kickntrue on 2/15/10
Pebble Beach is fun but now the real golf goodness starts! The World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship kicks off this week and we get enjoy the best 64 golfers in the world playing head to head, the way golf was meant to be played. Sure- there is no Mickelson, and no Tiger Woods but that's not going to stop me from watching. I love head to head golf. I honestly think golf would be better off if we stopped caring so much about our final scores and got back to playing head to head matches in foursomes.

The other great thing about this event is that as a WGC (World Golf Championship) showdown which means we get to see a lot of golfers we normally don't. For instance, one of the number 1 seeds is Martin Kaymer. How many Americans know who that even is, despite being one of the top golfers in the world? Not many is my guess. I'd love to make some sort of prediction but that's the other beauty of this event. While a top player usually wins- there is no such thing as an upset. This isn't March Madness; I guarantee that on the first day at least one number 1 and/or 2 seed will go down. Buuuut... since you're reading, why not take a shot? How about ... Sean O'Hair (he'll now lose first day).

Why does nobody run an Accenture Match Play pool? I'm too lazy... but someone should.

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blackhawk says:
The Player bracket looks really strong. Saturday's match of Lee Westwood vs the winner of Friday's match of Henrik Stensen v. Geoff Oglivy could provide the overall winner.
blackhawk says:
I will start posting a leaderboard for points earned only in majors and WGC events again this year on the Tournament forum. Last years final results are there also.
jbird899 says:
Bc no one watches golf accept for us. If I asked people I know or people from work I would get laughed at. The funny thing is that when I run a March Madness bracket I get at least 10 girls that never watch one game.
bducharm says:
Our country club runs one - you can register as a guest. Go to and choose the Match Play.
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