Andy Powell Booted
By Kickntrue on 2/15/10
You guys aren't going to believe this; Andy Powell was kicked off the Wales's Six Nations squad for "drink-driving" in a golf cart. Yah- I can't hardly contain my... confusion. 1) What does he do and why is this huge news? 2) What is "drink-driving?" 3) A golf cart, really? So... I consulted Bing- and here's what I found.

1) Apparently Andy Powell plays rubgy- which is pretty big in Wales. So- for us American's this would be like A-Rod getting arrested and kicked off his World Baseball Classic team.

2) "Drink-Driving" is what you think it'd be, I just think it's funny because it's not "drunk-driving."

3) Yah- this happened in a golf "buggy."
His agent Mike Burton told BBC Radio that a friend of Powell's had called at the team hotel on Sunday morning with the intention of driving him home.

"Andy got up at 6.30 a.m, about 7 a.m. he went down for breakfast where the facilities were not ready so they said 'why don't we go down to the motorway services where we can get something there?'

"They walked out of the reception area, there was a golf buggy there and they used that to get to the services where the police asked them how they got there," Burton said.

After meeting Powell, the Welsh Rugby Union said Powell had been dropped from the national squad.
I guess athletes in other countries don't get the special treatment like they do here in the USA. There's your International golf news for the day. Enjoy!

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onedollarwed says:
Besides the Rugby World Cup, or the Bledisloe Cup, The Six Nations is the biggest event - and it's yearly. It's big because these are national teams - not just clubs. The nations are: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, and Italy - the top teams in Europe.
Club Rugby is actually huge in the USA in terms of players - pretty much every college in the country, yet is virtually unknown to youth. There are very few fans and this doesn't seem to bother us ruggers as it is surely the best sport to play.
Wales is like the Dominican Republic to baseball in the Northern Hemisphere. Down Under, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa have that honor.
Kickntrue says:
@onedollarwed- I knew I'd learn something today. Thanks.
kidputter says:
Still don't know why he was kicked off the team. Only thing I could pick up is that they borrowed the golf cart without permission, maybe, and drove it on the highway? The article doesn't mention drinking at all. I'm so confused.
Matt F says:
I know athletes from Australia don't get special treatment. They are held to a higher standard as should be the case for all of them, no matter where they are. They are roles models that a lot of kids look up to and emulate.

Kickntrue says:
@mwfaith1971 - be careful stepping off your high horse. wouldn't want to see you hurt.

Matt F says:
@Kickntrue - I'm not an athlete. My kids are the only ones I have to be a role model to.
activesense says:
Woohoo, news from my homeland :D
I was never a big rugby fan though, I much prefer soccer (the original football).
onedollarwed says:
Nice mention of original football. Lineage is somewhat like this (and I don't know when soccer began):
1823 (according to lore), soccer morphed into a new game at the Rugby School in England - using the hands.
I suppose what happened next is that literal and cultural colinization took the sport all over the British "Empire" say. In the USA, rugby was widespread on both coasts, but Teddy Roosevelt constituted new safety rules which essentially created American football.
The big football games now include at least:
Australian Rules - A very cool sport
Rugby League - Five Downs/ small scrum
Rugby Union - Basic Standard Rugby
Gaelic Football - played with a soccer ball and hands
Rugby and American Football have constantly evolving rules, which try to capture the spirit of the game - allowing for free flowing action and fewer stoppages.
I think golf has been in a struggle with trying to maintain its spirit - despite record revenues. We want to see the players' skill not their eqipment's skill.
onedollarwed says:
Sorry, it's not everyday that someone brings up Welsh Rugby... heh, but it was rugby that got me more into golf (injuries).
A quick plug for The USA Superleague - season starts this March. Find your local club and get up close to great action, and meet great people. You WILL NOT have to fight the crowds!!! Heh! It will remind you of sports in pure form - not like celebsports of today. You will see maximum effort and love of playing. When is the last time you saw that in pro sports? Talk about role models.
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