Maybe Road Legal Golf Carts Aren't So Great
By Kickntrue on 2/16/10
A golf cart only community sounds okay, but mixing the two seems like trouble. This isn't from a road legal cart, but shows what the consequences could be. What a terrible accident.

Here's the story:
They were struck by the SUV around 7:15 p.m. in the parking lot at The Quarry, the host of last week’s Champions Tour event. The Schaefers were flown to Lee Memorial in serious condition. Justice was transported to NCH Downtown Naples Hospital via ground ambulance.

Justice was driving the Schaefers to their car, when he saw the SUV coming at them, he said. According to a crash report, the golf cart didn’t have lights, and the driver of the SUV may not have seen it.
Ugg.. Sickening. Hope the Schaefers are okay.

Full Story/Photo Source

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kidputter says:
Carts without lights don't belong on the road. That, not withstanding, doesn't excuse the SUV driver from apparently being careless. A motor vehicle driver should be in complete control of his vehicle at all times. Accidents happen but this one looks as if it could have been avoided. Get well soon, Schaefer family.
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