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Course Employees Arrested For Undercounting
By Kickntrue on 2/16/10
This is a story about 2 men who have alledgedly stolen $180k from a small course in California over the past 6 years. My question is how this could happen? The course was free to Veterans with disabilities, $6 for Vets and $12 to the public. Even if every round stolen was from the public (not likely) that's over 15,000 rounds of golf they stole. Was there zero management over the books? That seems nearly impossible with course fees that low.
Course starter Christopher Spelio, 62, of Inglewood and co-worker Brian Clark, 36, of Santa Monica were caught after VA police placed surveillance equipment in the small World War II-era Quonset hut that serves as the nine-hole course's clubhouse, according to authorities.

Police were tipped off by other course employees who suspected that the pair were embezzling cash, according to VA officials.

Investigators indicated that the systematic stealing could have been going on for as long as six years, with the loss totaling $180,000. Others have suggested that as much as $200,000 in user fees might have been taken.
Put them in jail. Lock them up. But make sure you fire the accountant too. There is just no excuse for this much money to be lost with a course this small.

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Bryan K says:
For anyone who hasn't done the math....that equals about $80 a day.
Kickntrue says:
@bjohn- it's $80/day, which doesn't seem like a lot, except I'm assuming these two didn't work every single day for 6 years. It's more likely they worked 1/2 of those days. $160 still wouldn't be that much to steal from a register except when the course is so inexpensive to play. Stealing $160 would take about 16 or so tee times or 4 total groups. that seems like a lot to get away with.
Bryan K says:
lol...you know....my thought process was....HOLY COW...THAT'S $80 A DAY!!!

Or another way to put it....it's $14/hour for a 40 hour work week.

That's a pretty good full time job for most people.
kidputter says:
It's really not too difficult to accumulate that kind of cash. If you send out 2 foursomes of general public golfers and simply pocket the fees, that totals $96. Another way of doing it would be to OVERCHARGE every golfer by a buck. Most people won't complain about a dollar more with rates that cheap.
laseranimal says:
its even easier then that guys and the accountant wouldn't be ANY the wiser

Someone comes in as general public pays $12, cashier takes the money and sends them out, then rings them in as $6 Veteran pockets the $6. Same thing goes for a $6 Vet rung in for free. Do it with 3 foursomes per day you work and you're making $72, four foursomes nets you $96. If your course stays open 240 days and does 30,000 rounds, you're looking at 125 rounds a day, the 12 rounds that are "undercharged" is such an insignificant number that it'd be hard to track.

Plus the person doing the books is simply going to look at whats been rung into the register vs whats been paid in. Unless he/she sees a disproportionate amount of Veteran rings or notices that their cash flow is significantly down() there'd be no way to tell that there's been an undercount.
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