I Love The WGC- Match Play Championship
By Kickntrue on 2/17/10
Need another reason to love the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship? How about the fact that you get meaningful golf on a Wednesday? The round one matches are underway and some even in the books. Not a lot of upsets so far but a couple intriguing 2nd round matchups have been set. Tomorrow we get to see Geoff Ogilvy vs Camilo Villegas, the latter of which knocked off last week's Pebble Beach Champ, Dustin Johnson. Too bad for Johnson... now he's done golfing for the week and it's only Wednesday and he'll have to go home and think about how pathetic it is that he's only made $1.2M in the last 5 days.


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Kickntrue says:
i know i'm going to jinx the last two matches featuring number 1 seeds, but today has been pretty remarkable in holding form to the seedings. usually in golf seeds mean nothing, but if this was day 1 and 2 of the NCAA basketball tournament you wouldn't be too shocked at the results (based on seeds).
Tim Horan says:
I really like match play format but the American TV coverage is so partisan. The Stricker (2)/ McGowan match was only shown when Stricker was ahead and the best golf of that match was not shown because the AMERICAN was getting outplayed. Very little of the Westwood (4)/Wood match was shown. I guess tonight will be all Cink/ O'Hair and Johnson/ Gay possibly a little Furyk/ Schwartzel but only if Jim is winning. Whilst we are talking of TV coverage why do you guys show about 80% of the putts and 20% general play? And what is about statistics you guys get hung up about? Watch the golf! silences in TV broadcasting are acceptable you don't have to fill all the spaces with trivia.
mjaber says:
It's fun. It's exciting. I just wish there was enough popularity for the broadcasts to setup a pay-per-view format similar to the NFL Sunday Ticket, where you could follow one specific match. This would solve the problem Tim (and a number of us, myself included) has of only being able to see a few shots, and let us choose what match/matches we want to see.

I'd love to see the ousted golfers as on-course reporters follwing the player they just lost to. Again, they do something similar with football (US version) during the playoffs, when they get current players/coaches into the studio to do pre-game analysis. It really adds an interetsing feel to the broadcast, since they are speaking for very current experience.
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