This guy isn't making $45k.
Henrik Stenson Sticks It To The Man
By Kickntrue on 2/18/10
Henrik Stenson played one golf hole yesterday before bowing out to "flu like symptoms." He made $45k for his efforts for technically finishing T-33 at the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championships. Had he not made it to the first tee- he would've forfeited all money and another golfer would've taken his place. I'd love to make $45k for crapping my guts out... but that's just another reason PGA Tour players have it so good.

The real winner (besides Stenson) is Ben Crane, who was Stenson's opponent. Now the worst he can finished is T-17 which is probably closer to $100k.

I give credit to Stenson for finding a loophole and abusing it, though I'm sure the first alternate has a different opinion of Stenson's actions. I think I'd be a little tougher on Henrik if he wasn't in from out of country for the event. If Mickelson pulled this off- it would be a punk move but when Stenson left his European home I'm sure he wasn't planning on doing this. He may as well be paid for his troubles, right?

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brianshaffer32 says:
Let's just hope he did it for the sake of the money list and not for them money, Hopefully he donated the 45k to charity
jeremyheslop says:
Can't say I agree but I understand. If I was in that situation I think I would have tried to stick it out and try to play. Sometimes getting out on the course you feel better than being crammed up somewhere. Maybe he felt like he was feeling better, played a hole and then felt like crap.
dottomm says:
45 grand is a lot of
mmontisano says:
no other alternates were at Dove Mountain. so even if he did bow out early before the tournament began, no one was there to take his place. so it wasn't entirely his fault.
mjaber says:
I think it has to do with him trying to maintain PGA and Euro tour status. Since he played one hole and conceded the match, it counts toward his PGA requirements.
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