The Tiger Presser
By Kickntrue on 2/18/10
Everyone is talking about Tiger's press conference tomorrow. Why the timing? Why at the PGA? What will he say? Of course nobody knows any of these answers, but more than a couple people have an opinion.

Here's a couple of them.

Ernie Els (via
The timing of Tiger Woods' first appearance since his car accident and subsequent admission of marital infidelity -- on Friday in Florida, while the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship is in full swing in Arizona -- does not impress one of the game's best-known players.

"It's selfish," former U.S. Open and British Open champion Ernie Els told Golfweek magazine. "You can write that. I feel sorry for the sponsor. Mondays are a good day to make statements, not Friday. This takes a lot away from the golf tournament."
Michael Bamberger, Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated:
Tiger Woods is a world-class control freak, and in his re-entry into public life — which has showered him with wealth and opportunities and trappings that we can only imagine — he is picking up right where he left off. He controls all. He's the same way with his golf ball. He tells it exactly what he wants it to do.


Arnold Palmer played for his fans, but Woods never has, and nothing's likely to change. It's arrogant and offputting, the whole idea of this most public of people, one of the best known faces in the world, stepping back into public life without taking so much as a question.

It's also brilliant. He's reminding us, and his opponents, too: he's still in charge.
There are many others, but I'll leave you with a lighter source. One UK Sports Book has betting lines on the first phrases out of Tiger's mouth. Leading the way at 7/2 is "Regret the hurt I've caused," and at 5/1 "Thanks my family." The whole list is worth checking out for a good laugh (200/1 - "I've been a silly billy with my willy") but my two favorites for a value bet would have to be "I love Elin" the whole way at 33/1 or "Time for a change," at 20/1.

Els Rips Tiger
Tiger Betting Lines

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RocketSauce says:
he's a jerk. i liked him when he first came on the tour and was all smiles. now he's just an arrogant prick. hopefully he retires tomorrow (doubtful)
jeremyheslop says:
My prediction is he will say sorry and announce again that he is leaving golf for an indefinite period of time. If he doesn't say he is holding off then he is all the above (jerk, arrogant, etc). I hope he comes back though. Golf is exciting without him, but his game is amazing to watch.
Beekeeper45 says:
@RocketSauce, well said!!
beisenhauer says:
I agree completely with Ernie Els. I find the Friday timing odd, unless he's going to announce that he'll play next week in Scottsdale, in which case the timing would make sense because of the tournament's commitment deadline. Still, I doubt it.
mantajim says:
Dido, RocketSauce. Timing was the first thing I wondered about. Any good matches will be drowned out by his announcement, erh 'press conference.'
I heard that he had gotten a very small monitor 'bracelet' and my wife replyed 'He's lucky he's still got one to put it on.'
eventHorizon says:
I see this going only one way: "I apologize to my friends, colleagues, and my fans. I have not lived up to the person, husband, father, and role model that I want to be. I am disappointed with how the media handled the situation and hope in the future they leave my personal life out of the news. I am working to mend the situation and hope everybody gives me and my family the privacy we need during this difficult time. And, I'm playing in the Masters. Phil, I'm back."
Swingem says:
Typical TW, disrespect for the game! Somewhere along the way he never learned what golf, or life, is really about, so sad! I'm afraid that eventHorizon is right; there are enough lemmings salivating in anticipation, that five minutes of pre-fab BS sound bite's from the great TW will pass for real substance. I could be wrong though.
GolfSmith7 says:
it seems that the reason for the announcment might be b/c it is part of his rehab and it couldn't wait till monday b/c he probably has to go back to finish the rehab. it has been said it couldn't wait till monday. That is also probably why no questions. He just has to admitt his mistake first in public then probably continue with rehab then he can address questions later. my two cents.
joepro23 says:
You guys realize that tv coverage of the accenture match play doesn't start until 2pm on the golf channel. His 11am announcement will take a few minutes and leave 3 hours of discussion before it starts interfering with 2pm coverage. If he really wanted to stick it to them he would do it at 5:30 pm on sunday at the end of the final match.
Tim Horan says:
yawn, Yawn, YAWN!
Barroomhero says:
falcon50driver says:
Who gives a rodent's rectum ?
mjaber says:
What a bunch of malarkey (can I say "malarkey"?) If he's just going to issue a statement and take no questions, why not just post a YouTube video?
mjaber says:
I think it's interesting that the Golf Writer's Association isn't afraid of Tiger anymore. I just read that they are boycotting his "press conference" because he won't be taking any questions. I agree with them. He needs to sit down and answer questions. He needs to do what A-Rod did when it was proved that he did, in fact, use PEDs.
tennesseeboy says:
The timing of this has changed my opinion of Tiger completely. Yea, he's a bad husband, but that's his wife's problem and I'm sure there are a lot of bad husbands on the tour. This press conference shows he has no respect for the game. I am now boycotting every product that he is associated with.
Kickntrue says:
@mjaber- I dunno. What does Tiger owe? Why does he owe anything to us or the press? I'm as curious as the next person- but I just can't get to where I think he owes anything. I think it'd be better PR strategy- but I'll give him this, he legitimately does not seem to care about that- just his family's privacy.
mjaber says:
@Kickntrue- He owes the TW Foundation. He owes the First Tee. For better or worse, he's the best golfer in the world and someone all of the kids look up to. He owes it to them to explain himself. I'm not saying he needs to go into Madison Square Garden, stand in the middle of the arena and take questions from anyone and everyone there. I'm not saying he needs to answer questions about the direction his marriage is going. He needs to sit down in a one-on-one interview with someone and answer ALL the questions about his actions that are out there.
onedollarwed says:
Kickin'... I hope you're not getting the sports you and I play out of our own self interest confused with professional sports with PR machines, Ad revenues, fan bases and mucho moola. Long ago that change was made.
Now I'm not a fan of golfers, and always thought Tiger a smug prick. I never would've wanted to meet him. So sure, I don't feel he owes me anything - in fact he's repayed me by proving me right with his dishonesty. However, he's made millions by lying about his character.
1. I feel bad that he was coopted by the industry to be someone he wasn't. It's a very common occurence with celebs. He should've just been the vain, self-absorbed, spoiled jackass from the beginning - like Ryan Leaf.
2. There is an additive effect we all register from the cumulative reverberations from everyone else's relationships. When quality and integrity exist in our relationships everyone benfits. In that sense, he and we could do better.
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