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What Did You Think?
By Kickntrue on 2/19/10
The video can be seen HERE.

Here goes:
1) He's sorry.
2) He's let down friends and fans.
3) He's let down employees personally and professionally.
4) Business partners let down.
5) Sorry to kids at Tiger Woods Foundation.
6) He's made us question who he is.
7) He's embarrassed.
8) He's so sorry.

Really wants to discuss this:
9) Elin never hit him.
10) Elin never touched him.
11) Elin has shown enormous grace and poise.
12) It's not Elin's fault.
13) Elin deserves praise, not blame

Tiger admits:
14) Multiple affairs.
15) He cheated.
16) Only thought about himself.
17) Thought different rules applied to him.
18) Felt life long hard work gave him entitlement.

Tiger now:
19) Time to make amends.
20) Time to live life of integrity.
21) "It's not what you achieve in life, it's what you overcome."
22) Everything is between himself and Elin.
23) Private issues, not the media's business.
24) Throws in weird denial of using performance enhancing drugs.
25) Tiger explains privacy concerns.

Now some personal stuff:
26) Tiger is a practicing Buddhist.
27) He kept his faith until recently.

28) Apologizes to Accenture by name for doing press conference today.
29) Leaving for more therapy tomorrow.
30) No plans to return to golf.
31) May be this year, may not.
32) Not coming back until he's more respectful to the game.

32) Thanks thousands of fans who have written him emails and letters or encouragement and well wishes.
33) Thanks PGA Tour for giving him time.
34) Wants to ask people who believed in him to one day believe again.

Thank you.


(Tiger walks through crowd shaking hands and giving hugs.)
(Walks off)

[ comments ]
Kurt the Knife says:
Kurt the Knife says:

don't care
joepro23 says:
waste of time, we don't even know when he is coming back.
dave0498 says:
Wow, you got this story up like a minute after the speech was over.... good job.

p.s. don't care about Tiger's personal life... he can apologize to his wife, not me.
Kickntrue says:
@dave0498- I've got to agree. I think the big thing as a fan is, "when will you be back?" He didn't come close to answering that question. As far as golf writers joining together to boycott the event... get real! What does Tiger owe you? I just don't see how he really owes anyone answers. Don't get me wrong, I WANT the answers... but he doesn't owe them to me. Especially the answers people want. If we asked the golf writers (or anyone) to describe in detail their last devious sexual encounter, how many would want to share?
Beekeeper45 says:
@Kickntrue, well said.
@dave0498, I agree.
What happens behind his doors is his business. The tell all is when he will get back to the game, and face the Galleries.
lcgolfer64 says:
Right on point, Well stated...
mjaber says:
I do think he owes an explanation to some people. Not to us, per se, but to a specific group of people. Regardless of whether he wants to be or not, he is an idol and role model for many young people. He owes them an explanation. He needs to explain to them why he did what he did, why it was wrong, and what he is doing to make himself into the person that they all thought he was.
ForeKris says:
i didn't root for Tiger before, and i won't root for him now... nothing's changed. The other golfers need to STEP UP!
decastro3 says:
I think it's obviously a step in his program, and he felt that there were people outside of his family that he also needed to apologize to.
Typhoon says:
I think the PGA should have come to bat for their biggest asset and they did not they let the media rip him to shreds just because it was golfs offseason. but now since they are feeling what it is like to have life without Tiger everyone is itching to have him back to boost all parts from sponsors to TV ratings. Now he still holds all the cards and he will use that leverage to his advantage, as he should. Eventually he will get more sponsors knocking at his door. And do you know what kind of ratings bananza it will be to be the Tournament that Tiger Returns. this is a money dicision because even after getting beat up by his wife. she is the only one that can truly beat him with a club in there hands.
Optimus Prime says:
Thought he said all that needed to be said. Elin is the only one who gets to know the details, as it should be. I think most people will put this away when they see Tiger with his family together and are able to observe Elin's reaction.
sepfeiff says:
Tiger has been acting like a real douche on the course and off. I don't personally care what he does with his off time. I sure hope he doesn't keep throwing clubs and being a menace on the course though.
kidputter says:
Sorry I missed the Bill Clinton, er Tiger Woods press conference. Sounds like I didn't miss much. Apologize all you want, you're still a jerk on and off the course. Stay out as long as you want. When you return, you will not be the same golfer and you won't be as intimidating to the other golfers. Screw you and the ho's you've been riding.
Mattbdxl says:
did you see his porn star's press confrence? Nice hooters!
Swingem says:
The script? the sincerity? Are we sure that TW's still in the U.S.A. and not being held by the Taliban?
georgelohr says:
I still think Tiger may be a robot, a great golfer, but a robot.
jbird899 says:
He didn't owe me an apology...just his wife. I still haven't watched an event and won't until he comes back. Not because I am boycotting, but because in my mind, it's boring without him. My hope was that today was going to finally give us a timetable of his return.
onedollarwed says:
Some of you guys are 180 degrees wrong. He is a PUBLIC FIGURE - granted not a public servant. He need to be accountable for his VERY PUBLIC LIFE. HE WAS IRRESPONSIBLE IN HIS PUBLIC LIFE!!! I'm not sure why you're finding that so hard to grasp. There are celebs who manage to keep their private life private, and don't need to wield such phenominal personal power. He has always craved public attention.
There are thousands of people waiting to talk about their "deviant" sexual encounters to whoever will listen - now if you pay them that well... there are millions!
Pete Rose, Canseco, etc, etc, are all out there hawking tales of deceit. Ask yourself this... Did Tiger ever seem to turn down an opportunity to let himself be portrayed as more awesome and incredible and fantastic and stylish (minus the Buick) and masculine and powerful, and confident, and reliable, to the public?
onedollarwed says:
I know our lives are smaller, but even when we have major screw-ups we need to make good to quite a few people, not just the wife and kid.
onedollarwed says:
Ray Lewis wasn't doing adds for choir robes, and baby formula, was he?
RocketSauce says:
this speech made me like him even less. it was staged, rehearsed, and phony. his acting ability is horrible (tried to get choked up: it didnt work). and the whole sex-addiction thing is a joke. sex addiction is not a disease. he's just a scumbag who got caught cheating. he is a control freak and he picked up right where he left off 3 months ago: trying to control everything. go away Tiger Woods. i am over you. and you need to get over yourself
Swingem says:
@onedollarwed; our lives are not smaller, our lives are real! TW is not golf, golf made TW. Golf has always existed on a higher plane than other sports. Tiger can now be credited with bringing the stench that permiates other pro sports to golf. Thanks TW, F.U.!
edditude says:
Elin and his children are the victims and may pay the price of Eldred's transgretions. I followed golf way before Tiger arrived on the scene and among my favorites were Payne, Jack, and Tom Watson. My latest favorites have been Boo Weekly and Chad Campbell. Tabloids should back off on the kids and leave them they're space as well as Elin.
DougE says:
Tiger may not be perfect, but I know in my heart that neither am I. I have sinned in one way or another as I'm sure most of you who have condemned this man have too. And who here among us has never presented a more positive image of themselves to sell a product or idea? Whether to a prospective buyer, investor or wife? IMHO, if there is anyone here who is perfect, he may cast stones at Tiger. Anyone else who does is purely a hypocrite.
onedollarwed says:
I don't think "sin" is really the right context. Civility is what people need to uphold. In other words.. I'm not so concerned with my neighbors' sins, I just want them to maintain their property, drive slow when kids are playing, and be invested in the community. When neighbors are disturbing the peace, ruining lives, and crashing up the scenery, it's time to go. I don't think it's about sin or moral authority. Last time I checked, racking your rig into the verge is not a sin. However, when a super-popular megolomaniac goes postal, all the haters come out, and there's some 'splanin' to do.
Historically law or "lore" was carried out by citizenry in a very public way - before anykind of media. A judge could intercede, but otherwise public opinion, noise, protest, ridicule, and yes stockades, pillories, dunkings would be in order. The public knows way too much now, yet is insulated from direct confrontations. Reputation goes a long way to mitigate actual crimes, now his is gone too.
chrisfb1 says:
Another PR trick that got all of you start talking about it. What everyone saying will help Tiger's PR team to decide their next move. In the mean time, Tiger will keep giving golf lessons to The prince of Saudi.
onedollarwed says:
I hate to use B. Bonds as a comparison, but there is a significant similarity. He was being publicly persecuted for being a big jerk (yes he was married with kids and girlfriends all over), while he had committed actual crimes - tax evasion, lying to a grand jury - and was fighting that with lawyers. All it proved was that Barry had brass b@lls and didn't care what the public thought. He engineered his public image and body for years - essentially bribing his kids to appear with him in front of cameras, all to campaign for cooperstown and to get back at Mark MacGuire. Barry was as mature as the 3-year old who loses a toy.
Now Martha Stewart in contrast had legal problems and did some time. The resentful and jealous haters piled on, but she just did the time and moved on. I think Tiger's biggest problem is his spoiled, childish, insincere behavior - then and now. Kind of like Mozart.
KVSmith59 says:
All he had to do was immediately come out and say, yeah I cheated on my wife, we're working through it...any questions? Once he made it through the first "real" press conference, everything would have been good....
falcon50driver says:
Swingem said it best, Tiger brought the stench from a lot of other pro sports to golf. Which until him had a level of respectibility. All the unsportsman like fist pumping and arrogant, in your face, glaring at his opponents,and childish tirades, is very off putting. I don't care if he never comes back.
Matt F says:
@merlin2driver and KVSmith59- I'm in 100% agreement. Couldn't say it any better.

onedollarwed says:
Am I missing something? Golf has its share of lowlifes, no? Other sports draw from a larger pool of players, surely. Though a sport with requisite etiquette should be more civil.
Soon "New Tiger" will be unvieled - like "New Coke" - complete with Billy Idol sneer and black cape. Now his Buick relationship will be replaced with an Indian Motorcycle deal, complete with "pissing on Jack" sticker. Watch out Tiger really will be coming to town, complete with old course neck tattoos - lock up yer daughters!!! Just sell a new line of products - "Ad-dick-tion" cologne, Gatorade "One Black", Golf balls with phone numbers on them.
dbrake0 says:
It was a fake event for a Fake
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