Ian Poulter & Dove Mountain Quite A Match
By Kickntrue on 2/22/10
Who is the person who writes the headlines for newspaper articles? The Editor? I think I should look into that... You know, because, well, you see what I did with the title here? It's a pun. Because the tournament was Match Play, and I used "match," ... okay, I'm done now. Sorry you had to read that.
Dressed in pink on a chilly day in the high desert, Poulter put on a short-game clinic Sunday and led over the final 28 holes on his way to a 4-and-2 victory over Paul Casey in an all-England final at the first World Golf Championship of the year.

The trophy is as stylish as anything in his wardrobe.

With his ninth career victory, and by far the biggest, Poulter moved to a personal-best No. 5 in the Official World Golf Rankings. And as always, he looked good getting there.
I watched a couple of the matches over the weekend and Poulter was sharp the whole way through. The WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship is an interesting test, not only for the 1 on 1 format, but for the amount of holes you have to play to win. There are 126 scheduled holes for the top two players (Poulter played 114), almost double a normal tournament weekend. You have to wonder if the exhaustion from Paul Casey's 24 hole marathon semi-final played a factor in his failure to win Sunday.

At any rate- now we get to hear stories for a week about how Poulter is actually a good golfer, not just a snazzy dresser. If anyone actually watched golf over the past two years or so, they'd already know this.

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Tee it High. says:
Poulter's short game was fantastic and what amazed me was the amount of notes he had and how much he really studies a golf course. Very impressive.
k-von says:
On a Playing Tips from the Pros episode from a little while back Poulter touched on his tireless note taking and how it benefits him. If he can continue to succeed stateside like this and live up to his self promotion (however tongue in cheek) then I wonder if we'll be seeing a streamlined amalgamation of those notes being published. I'm certain that's not the intention but it's not a bad idea.
Swingem says:
This was a great match. Poulter and Casey both looked like they were having fun. At the finish Paul Casey showed a lot of class and seemed genuinely happy for Poulter in the biggest win of his career. I'll bet Y.E. Yang would have liked the same courtesy at the PGA last year.
falcon50driver says:
Point well taken.
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