John Daly... Underwear Model
By Kickntrue on 2/23/10
UPDATE- And now you can WIN A SIGNED PAIR!

If you could put every profession in the world in a bag and draw one to be attached to John Daly, I'm not sure you could get an odder one than this.
Daly will be hawking and even modeling an online company's line of Slix Closer boxer briefs.

Daly, in a release, said they're "the most ridiculously comfortable underwear I've ever put on. When I've got my Slix on, it's all good.

"I get a lot of things to try on, and this underwear is something I don't want to take off."
There's a special thought for you to go the rest of the day with.

Hey- you have to make a living somehow- and he's not doing it on the golf course, so why not, right? Between underwear modeling, Loudmouth pants, and his new show on the Golf Channel I'm guessing he's paying his bills. That's always a good thing.

I just hope he shows them off on the course as well. Maybe he can work with Loudmouth to make a pair of droopy pants so he can wear them around the middle of his butt, showing off his new panties.

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** Umm... the Slix link is worth clicking. Bear through the Daly photo and just wait for the page to flip. BAZINGA!

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jax says:
They also have a video of Miss Bazinga:
mmontisano says:
can you imagine being the director of said video?

"uuuhhhhh...yeah. just start rubbing your hands all over yourself and look naughty."

5 minutes later. BING! video shoot over to the dismay of the crew.
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