Expect Shananigans
Waste Management Open. Great Tournament, Great Name.
By Kickntrue on 2/24/10
The Waste Management Phoenix Open kicks off tomorrow with the promise of a rowdy crowd an a great field. Hopefully the event will live up to the hype.
Whether you call it the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the Greatest Show on Grass or the last stop on the 2010 West Coast Swing, this week's Tour stop at TPC Scottsdale is a drinking tournament with a golfing problem. Every year at least one fan stops in the middle of the bacchanalia, eyes a pro as he makes his way from green to tee, and says with sincere surprise, "There's a golf tournament going on?"

The answer to that question is a resounding yes, especially this year, when Waste Management, in its first year as title sponsor, got a sweet spot on the schedule. Falling a week after the first World Golf Championship event, two weeks before the second WGC, and during a dark week in Europe, the WMPO has drawn an above-average field.
I have a buddy who lives about 20 minutes or so from the course and I've visited a couple times but stupidly never on this weekend. I feel like I'm missing out- and unfortunately, I'm getting older. If I do try to pull it off in the next or two I may miss the boat on the whole thing.

I'm calling for an oobgolf fieldtrip to this event in 2011. We should start making plans now. What do you guys think?

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Bryan K says:
A trip to Phoenix in February? I'm game.

I'm wondering why a company like Waste Management feels the need to sponsor a golf event, though. It's not like many people get to choose who picks up their garbage.
Kickntrue says:
Waste Management seems to be making a big branding effort. they did Undercover Boss on CBS, too recently.
Kolt15 says:
i'm going everyday! it really is the best, just sitting on hole 16 on late saturday or sunday is hilrious because everyone has had there beers and is drunk and they start chatting and stuff! haha can't wait for it to kick off tomorrow!
Shankapotamus says:
I will be there on Friday. Any advice for a first timer from oobers that have been?
TravisMiller says:
i'm game for next year....I only live 2.5 hours away! Just remind me early on next year or else I will forget.
cheymike says:
Heck... I live in Wyoming. And if my job circumstances don't change (there's a good possiblity) count me IN for that road trip!!
K_Rich10 says:
I went last year on Friday and had a blast. If you want to sit at 16, you gotta get there early. We followed Ricky Fowler for 15 holes and got stuck at 16 in a HUGE line to get in. That area is a huge traffic jam of people.
GolfinHawg says:
It is an amazing venue to attend. I went for three yeras straight when I lived in Phoenix. Get there early and go to the 16th Hole if you can. It is something you will not see anywhere else. If you want autographs go up to the clubhouse area between hole 18 and hoel 1.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Who else from Minnesota wants in on that official 2011 oobGolf road-trip? It would be a bonus to catch a Coyotes game, too.
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