Memo: Golf Carts Are Dangerous
By Kickntrue on 2/24/10
Folks... while your chances of being critically injured by a golf cart are slim, please be careful, because they aren't toys. A 62 Jacksonville, Florida, native died yesterday from injuries sustained over the weekend in a golf cart accident.
The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reports that Heim was playing at the Queen's Harbour golf course Saturday when he stepped out of a cart to look for a ball. While Heim was behind his cart, another cart came up from behind and hit him, momentarily pinning him between the carts. He then fell and hit his head.
That's the worst case scenario, but little accidents are more frequent. Take for instance a spring training incident that occured with the coaching staff of the Detroit Tiger this weekend. Manager Jim Leyland's cart partner (assistant coach Gene Lamont) rant over his toe, breaking it.

"Who told you," said Leyland, who recently shared his plans to cut down on swearing. "Was it Mac?"

Mum is the word.

"I was hoping to say I hit it accidentally with my 9 iron." Leyland said. "Actually, I wasn't going to bring it up at all."

The manager/warrior did not require medical attention, however -- other than from the team's trainers.
Obviously the latter incident is more lighthearted, but it still points to the same truth. Golf carts are not toys.

Man Dies From Cart Accident
Tiger's Manager Breaks Toe

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mjaber says:
A broken toe hurts. Alot.
Torleif Sorenson says:
No question, although speaking from experience, two cracked ribs will keep you off the course a lot longer.
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