Adidas To Give 10k Pairs Of Shoes For An Ace
By Kickntrue on 2/24/10
If Kenny Perry or Pat Perez aces the 16th hole at this week's Waste Management Phoenix Open, you could win a pair of shoes from Adidas.
The company will give away 10,000 free pairs of Powerbands if either Kenny Perry or Pat Perez—its sponsored professionals—makes an ace on the stadium par 3. Fans must register at the Adidas website in order to be eligible.

The Powerband 3.0, which retails for $140, incorporates Adidas’s new “thin tech” design, which the company says brings golfers closer to the ground for greater stability and balance.
Hey- it's not a pair of John Daly's underwear... but how could it be?

The chances of this happening are pretty slim, but hey, if there is an ace in the Phoenix area this weekend, it's more likely to happen here than anywhere.

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SingleDigits says:
I just registered for the contest but I have to say those are some butt ugly shoes. Maybe the ball will go farther off the tee because it's scared of the shoes. Thanks for passing along the contest.
TravisMiller says:
I'm registered....
Clint24 says:
@SingleDigits, I got a pair of Adidas shoes for free last year, and I was afraid they looked really bad. The I got looked like snake skin or something, but after a while, they don't look too bad. They are very comfy anyway. Just make sure you dont get the neon blue with neon orange stripes and laces.
nickp says:
Signed up, here's hoping they make it so I can sell/use them for rainboots.
twomore2mr says:
Go ACE!!!
Even though I just bought a new pair at the end of last season, these would be MUCH better than the one I got. Now wish for an Ace and that I get some singed undies from JD!
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