If Tiger Shows At Augusta, He Can Play
By Kickntrue on 2/25/10
Most tournaments require notification of entry by the Friday before the event. Augusta has said Tiger can play in the Masters as long as he shows up on Thursday morning for his tee time.
Players receive an invitation in December that asks them to R.S.V.P., and they usually do.

Masters spokesman Steve Ethun said when Woods announced his indefinite break from golf on Dec. 11, Woods' spokesman Glenn Greenspan (who previously had Ethun's job) said he would keep Augusta National apprised.

"We have yet to hear any word," Ethun said last week.

The Masters has a good idea who is playing when they make tee times on Tuesday for the first two rounds. Even so, Ethun said it was possible for a player to just show up and head to the tee because there is no alternate list.
Tiger needs to use this to create the greatest moment of drama in sports history. No sightings. No word. No nothing! ... And then, on Thursday, April 8, hopefully with an afternoon tee-time, when the rest of the field has already teed-off, Tiger strolls onto the grounds and steps up to the first tee.

It would be legendary! I wish upon a wish this would happen, but I don't think even Tiger has the stones to try it. It would be the greatest moment in golf history- and he'd be absolutely castrated by everyone for it... then again... may help the situation. :)

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whomsley says:
He has enough arrogance to do something exactly like this. I wouldn't put it past him.
mjaber says:
I think it would be fabulous if he did it. I think it would be even better if he duck hooked his first drive.
Clint24 says:
The best thing about him doing that is that the course wouldn't be as packed with idiots from TMZ. I would like to see him do that, and mjaber has a good idea, but I dont think it would be the biggest moment in golf unless he wins the whole thing.
Kurt the Knife says:
I would like to see him do it too.

In that "Carl the greenskeeper" outfit.
"kid outta nowhere..cinderella story"
georgelohr says:
I wish they would give me his tee time....I'd play fast and my daughter could caddy for me.
mantajim says:
I thought Elin took care of the castration already.
Maybe he would just be stoned.
sepfeiff says:
@ Kurt the Knife - That would be priceless if the announcer on the first teebox started him with that
tcjonny says:
i doubt he would, he religiously prepares for the majors months in advance. He'd only be 2 weeks out of therapy come Masters time. Don't see him being comfortable enough with his game to try it.
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