By Kickntrue on 2/25/10
Rickie Fowler may be the next huge thing in golf, but that doesn't mean he can drive better than the next 22 year old.
Fowler said he recently backed up his car and drove over his golf travel case. The Mitsubishi Rayon shaft of his Titleist 909 D2 driver was the only club injured in the accident, he said.
This is where it's nice to be a professional golfer. Rickie will have a new club sent to him. If I backed over my golf clubs, they'd have to have a nurse watch me for at least 2 weeks straight.

A small part of me feels good about this. I may be a better driver than Rickie Fowler. I've never driven over my golf bag. He has.

Take that kid!

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Clint24 says:
I love how they say that the driver was the only club 'injured.' Since when do golf clubs have feelings? Perfect time for PETA to have a branch company.
scottccherry says:
Haha good call clint24. I just read some facts about peta, and it just reaffirmed how much I hate those guys and love my steaks and domesticated animals.
Panerai111 says:
I'm sure he can buy a new car too after this weeks paycheck.
falcon50driver says:
Wild animals taste good too.
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