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Golf Invention: But What's It Do?
By Kickntrue on 2/6/07
Somtime- if you get EXTREMELY BORED... you should just go to google- and do a patent search like I did today. I found some great golf inventions, I'm just not sure what they do. I picked one to feature- any ideas on how it would be worthwhile would be greatly appreciated.

Ok- for starters, let's get on the same page. Check out the invention HERE.

Now.. let's take a look at:
An exercising device includes a pair of elongated handle members each having an end portion and a gripping portion, with the end portions having an attached rotatable spinner member. A resilient elastic member interconnects the spinner members together and provides a maximum force against the relative movement of the handle members with respect to each other to provide an isokinetic exercise device.

Hmm.. that means nothing to me. Okay- I've tried.. Your turn. Click "Read This Patent" on the top left portion of the screen and see if you can figure it out. If so, please drop a comment. Maybe we should all show up at the Callaway Shareholders meeting and suggest a company wide investment in this product.

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