Well Played, Mr. Poulter
By Kickntrue on 3/1/10
The Waste Management Phoenix Open provided great drama. I'll have a post coming up about my thoughts on that, but first...
an Poulter stuck it close at the par 3 16th at TPC Scottsdale. With about seven feet for birdie, Poulter pushed his birdie try to the right. Naturally, the crowd booed and some "USA!" chants erupted. After Poulter holed out, he clapped to the crowd, then gave them a salute.

and for what it's worth...

Okay Ian... sure. Don't apologize. This is the one event all year where that is totally fair game. I think you should have gone for the "crank it up" flip off or something more bold.


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bducharm says:
I think that if what you said is true, that this is the one event where anything is fair game from the crowd, then anything is fair game from the players. Give and take!!! I have NO problems with what he did - certainly no worse than what some of the mob was saying!!!
Jattruia says:
Man, he just made me a fan.
nickp says:
Agreeing with the above two- it seems like the tourney's atmosphere lends it's self to this kind of back-and-forth. Liveliness is good for golf.
cheymike says:
I wish there were more tourneys like this one. It was truly funny to listen to some of the announcers/suits/talking heads saying how they wish the crowd would tune it down and treat golf like a "gentleman's game". Personally, I think its great that there is at least one golf tournament that comes close to the excitement of other sports on TV.
Trip says:
They should really think about doing this at other tournaments (except majors). I think is is great for the game. It was fun to watch.
lazorbeam says:
I have t say that I agree with everyone above. The reason that I watch most of the tourney that weekend it to see what would happen on #16.
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