Last Chance For Daly Underwear
By Kickntrue on 3/1/10
You've now missed your chance to WIN SIGNED JOHN DALY UNDERWEAR!

Even though it's been featured for nearly a week... I figured it deserved another post, because it's just THAT cool.

Check in tomorrow for the winner- and remember all you have to do is post a comment on the link from above to enter!

Since only 1 comment on that page will enter you- I figured you could use the comments on this post to tell everyone what you're going to do with your signed underwear when you win.

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monteash says:
Throw in a grommet, new golf towel for my bag
Mookie says:
He hasn't worn it yet, has he?
Trip says:
Grip it & Rip it!
mantajim says:
When I win John's danties, I will wear them outside my regular golf attire, play a round with my regular group and send obb picture of everyone. Then send John an invitation to play a round with us and copies of that picture with the request for his signature, so everyone can have a copy.
activesense says:
I plan to put on 200 lbs so I can fit into them
Zepo1a says:
Replace the default racing stripe with my own.
Virtuaframax says:
i would prob frame them with a little gold tag saying: #1 Rule of Golf: "Grip and Rip It"
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