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(dreaming of calling Woods?)
Obama Did Not Call Woods
By Kickntrue on 3/2/10
Just so we're completely clear (I can't believe this is news), President Obama did not call Tiger Woods.
an article in the April issue of Golf Digest says that Obama called Woods to offer encouragment after Woods's Thanksgiving night car accident and subsequent revelations of affairs. One problem though; the call never happened. ESPN.com, which carried the initial report of the Obama call, filed a correction late Monday.

"An article in the April issue of Golf Digest incorrectly reported that President Obama made a personal call to Tiger Woods to offer encouragement," the magazine said in an e-mail sent to media outlets Monday. "Our mistake was due to a misunderstanding between the writer and a trusted source. We regret the error."

The White House also denied that Obama made a personal call to Woods.
I guess the White House had to deny this in case angry women would show opposition to Obama for supporting a philanderer? For what it's worth, it has been reported and confirmed that former President Bill Clinton has called Tiger Woods and offered words of encouragement. Actually... that makes much more sense. If I'm Tiger I take that call. He may actually have some relevant advice to the situation.

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falcon50driver says:
Bill Clinton doesn't look like such a bad guy, now, does he?
cheymike says:
uh.... yeah.. he still does
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