Beatriz Recari Would Like To Make Her Case
By Kickntrue on 3/3/10
Last week I posted a video of oobgolf's favorite female golfer Anna Rawson, asking for votes for a spot at the upcoming Mojo 6 event in Jamaica. LPGA Rookie Beatriz Recari would like the same chance... and I'm nothing if not fair.

The Mojo 6 event is a field of 16 women battling it out for $1M. 15 of the 16 spots are filled and we get to vote on the final competitor.

Umm... Anna may have some competition this year! I don't know who's accent I like better!

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D-rok says:
she's definitely got my vote!
ayparekh says:
pls put both pictures side by side so i can decide fairly. mind you, i will need a lot of time.
ayparekh says:
sorry, i meant pictures of both women side by side..
Kickntrue says:
@ayparekh- that's a good point. we'll have to work on that.
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