Tiger Needs To Fire Steve Williams
By Kickntrue on 3/4/10
Tiger's caddie Steve Williams said he would've told the world had he known Tiger was sleeping around. Really?!
"I've said it before. I knew nothing, and that's my answer. If the shoe was on somebody else's [foot], I would say the same thing: that it would be very difficult for the caddie not to know but I'm a hundred per cent telling you I knew nothing and that's that.

"I'm a straight-up sort of person. If I'd have known something was going on, the whistle would have been blown. He knows that, that's just the way I operate."
Umm... dude. There are multiple things wrong with what you're saying, but we'll start with the big ones. First, nobody believes you that you didn't know. I know you're saying "of course people would say that," but that's because you HAD to know. Which leads me to my second point. Why do you feel the need to cover your ass? You are Tiger's employee. Employees know dirty secrets about their bosses. They are paid ridiculous sums of money to keep quiet and keep working. Do you realize that Tiger makes enough money that Steve Williams cut would place him nicely on the PGA Tour's money list? Finally... Steve, you are Tiger are supposed to be bros. Bros are allowed to go to each other and have heart to heart conversations about a multitude of topics including (but not limited to), a bad haircut, an awful girlfriend, and general lifestyle choices. What you don't do is share those conversations with people outside of your circle.

So to sum it up- Bro FAIL. Employee FAIL. Observant FAIL.

I don't know how Tiger can hear/read this crap and not be tempted to fire him. I'm sure there are more than a few caddies who could carry Tiger's bag to victory.

If I had to guess though, Steve will still be on his bag and in the next few days we're going to see a follow up story about being misquoted or taken out of context.

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tennesseeboy says:
Lie detector: FAIL
Jake Bogardus says:
Who is to say Tiger and Steve are bros in the first place? I mean ya, they say it, but you can take anything Tiger says with a grain of salt now. I don't really think they are close. Steve spends as much time as possible really away from Tiger down in New Zealand. Hes never around unless Tiger is playing. And even in small events like the Tavistock Cup and some of the Battles at Bighorn, Stevie wasn't around. They aren't close. They aren't bros. But they have each helped eachother become successful. So maybe Stevie didn't know after all.
coachjordan89 says:
You're assuming that Tiger and Steve are friends! They may be just employer and employee and besides, it's none of Steve's business in the first place.
mjaber says:
I don't think Steve had anything to do with Tiger becoming successful. I think Steve's job is to carry the bag, play "security/noise control" while Tiger plays, and shut the hell up.
georgelohr says:
Does anyone really care if Steve Williams is a liar? As long as he gives Tiger the correct yardage. "bros"? Who gives a toss....be honest, grow a spine, be a man, don't cheat on your wife.....play your damn golf Tiger, the game is less exciting without you.
Matt F says:
I think he's lying through his backside, but who cares? He's trying to stick up for his meal ticket.

cheymike says:
Steve needs to remember something. He may caddy for the best player to ever play the game, but he's a caddy, not the player. Stevie is so full of his own self importance that his head is gonna explode one day.
stevesmith says:
Steve Williams is part of Tiger. They make a heck of a team. Who cares what Steve knew or didn't. Tiger will be back Masters weekend with Elin in the gallery. No more sex therapy needed during the Masters. Besides Elin will have his Putter under guard from this point on.
jerryb says:
I think Steve is trying to distance himself from the "inner circle" to make it easier for Tiger to keep him on the bag. If he came out and admitted that he knew all along or even facilitated some of Tiger's behaviour, I doubt very much that Elin would be too happy with him staying in Tiger's entourage.

Having said that, Elin's not stupid. The more money Tiger earns in the next 2/3/4/5 years, the bigger the settlement she'll get when she finally hands in the divorce papers which are probably already signed and ready in her lawyer's safe!
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