Golf Writers Want Daly Suspended
By Kickntrue on 3/4/10
So earlier this week it was revealed that the PGA Tour's file on John Daly is 450+ pages long. It was reported by Garry Smits of the Florida Times-Union. In retaliation John Daly posted Garry Smits phone number on his Twitter and asked fans to bombard him with angry phone calls. Smits said he has received 100 such calls since yesterday. Based on Daly's actions, the Golf Writers of America want Daly suspended again.

The pages detailed suspension after suspension and issue after issue that the Tour had with Big John, including 18 instances where they sent him a letter accusing him of phoning it in and not playing to the highest level of his ability (I wonder if Henrik Stenson will get that letter). Usually personnel files are tightly sealed and the PGA Tour never reports on suspensions or other administrative actions towards a player, but Daly's file was readable because of a lawsuit which made it public record.

Hmm.. who's side am I on? A golf writer, or the person willing to sign a pair of underwear for a member of our site? That's an easy one! Garry Smits is a punk! Go BIG JOHN!

For the record... Daly's post with the number has been removed.

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Panerai111 says:
Yeah! Anarchy!
mjaber says:
Apparently the writer left his cell number somewhere public, which to me says that it's fair game. If the number is available on a public forum, sort of like Daly's file, fair is fair.
lcgolfer64 says:
I fortunately played a lot of golf this week on vacation and also had downtime enough to see the debut. I liked it. But after reading the Smits article, I think its more a peronal vendeta against John, simply hiding behind the 1st Ammendment.

So back to my rounds of golf in unfamiliar territories of the Southeast. Fortunatley I was able to play some fairly nice semi-private clubs and spent time in and around the clubhouses, staging and tee box areas listening to grown men say things (to clarify - I'm certainly no prude) that would be offensive in pretty much any situation short of an exotic dance dive. Meanwhile, kids of all ages are within ear-shot of every 'funny, smart, and 'manly' thing these guys are saying.
lcgolfer64 says:
Tieing this back to the article. So tell me, who just might have more 'influence on these kids' (paralleling Smits last quoted line in his article article)- The guys (Daly) they see on TV maybe once a month? Or the direct contact they might have out on the course week in and week out?

I know I've probably painted with a broad brush, but for the most part live in the course doesn't go through a editing room and FCC screening process.
lcgolfer64 says:
So my point is that while yes the game is govened by rules, John broke some of them, yes. Please don't pull out the 'what about the kids' routine because its convenient, when all he is simply trying to do sell more papers and make a name for himself, not for the 'kids and the good of the game.'
lcgolfer64 says:
I did not see the phone posted on Twitter, but their is also a phone number and email address (looks like to his business address at the paper) posted at the end of the article written by Smits. = Fair game...
sigmapete1 says:
How often do we hear about writers and worse, paparazzi intruding into the personal lives of athletes and other celebrities. Now when the tables are turned, the press is banding together to cry about it. Smits opened the door and now he's whining that Daly came through the door to retaliate.
georgelohr says:
Team Daly!
laseranimal says:
Mjabbar is ABSOLUTELY correct, the guy ends his article with a "contact Rick" and his cell number and email

I'm no JD fan but he's well within his right to post a public number. Whining about people looking at his disciplinary file is sour grapes however. If his lawyer didn't inform him about the discovery phase in the case of a lawsuit, thats JD's problem with the lawyer, not the reporter. The file NEVER would have left the PGA office if it hadn't been for a libel suit
cheymike says:
Poor reporter... all he did was intentionally try to put the screws to someone. HA! Tables turned blowhard. Eat it. I have NO sympathy for scumbags who prey on people for no other reason than to make their life miserable. Then they try to hide behind the first amendment. Well guess what, JD has first amendment rights too! Oh, and that right to privacy thing? Hmmm... you invaded first!
ipv6freely says:
averagegolfguy says:
Funny thing is it was the guys work cell so he doesn't even pay for the damn phone.
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