Punch This Man!
By Kickntrue on 3/4/10
Let's all agree that if we ever come across Gary Bellchambers we'll punch him in the face! We may have to wait a few years though, because Bellchambers just started a jail sentence for organizing a huge eBay counterfitting ring that cost millions of dollars worldwide to golfers thinking they were buying legit golf clubs.
Gary Bellchambers, 46, known as “The Man”, oversaw a network of sellers across the world who sold golfing accessories, clothing, as well as passes for an airline lounge “on a scale that, it is believed, has never been seen before”, Snaresbrook Crown Court was told.


Investigators found that virtually every top brand — including TaylorMade, Odyssey and Callaway — was copied in the “single largest counterfeiting conspiracy yet uncovered on eBay”.

The phoney clubs were produced in Shenzen, China, and Bellchambers’s bank statements revealed that he had made a cash withdrawal from an ATM in the southern Chinese city.
People like this need beat. Jail is one thing. But how do we know if he gets beat?!

/has a great idea

Someone (I'm too busy) needs to start a website in conjunction with a federal grant that allows for streaming webcams inside prisons in the name of "full disclosure" of the system. Then- you build a secret backend that allows members to place bets and marks on different people inside jail and even attempt to bribe certain immates to perform different acts.

It'd be like playing Sims with real people.

Yes- I may be a horrible person, but they ARE in jail. It's not like they deserve that much love.

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Mr VanityHandicap says:
I am so glad I buy my clubs from a course or GG! Man this guy is a world class DB!

Ebay Is the devil!
ForeKris says:
i bought mine from edwin watts, but i'm still in for punching this guy.
falcon50driver says:
Can we please do something about the spammers in the forum on this site?
Kickntrue says:
@m2d- we should punch them too.
brianshaffer32 says:
lol I love the idea as sick as it may be!!!
mjaber says:
I wonder if we could arrange for them to "attempt" to break in to each of our houses, so that we could beat them with golf clubs.
svj says:
didn't they just make a movie like that???
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