Freddie Boom Boom, Let Me Hear You Say Wayo
By Kickntrue on 3/8/10
Freddie Couples won his second Champions Tour event this weekend. His combined finishes on the Sr. Tour- 2nd, 1st, 1st. It has to be a great feeling to turn 50 and all of a sudden be relevant again in your sport, even if it is on a lesser circuit. You're 49 and fighting to compete. You turn 50 and your the young, limber, newcomer with an advantage on all the old guys.
"In a good way I am full of confidence in my game," said Couples, who opened with rounds of 66 and 64. "I talked to Jay Haas a long time ago and when you are 50 you are the youngest guy out here and if you are a good player like I think I am, I thought I would have some opportunities to win out here."

Couples earned $255,000 to push his Tour-leading total to $691,000.
And when I say "lesser circuit" of course I mean, "he'll still make more money in 2010 than most of us do in 20 years."

I know Freddie has a big following, so hopefully he continues to play well and bring in good crowds for the Champions Tour.

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bducharm says:
Me thinks Freddie like the Champions Tour!!! Nice to be a rookie again!!!
theghost25 says:
Lets face it, the Champions Tour is only going to get more and more competitive. It is actually pretty cool to think in a few years you will have V.J. and Kenny Perry playing over there as well. I know i will tune in to watch those guys for sure!!
mschad says:
I really like watching the Champions Tour. These guys look like they enjoy what they are doing. I also like the 3 day format much better.
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