Amazing Urban Golf Photos From India
By Kickntrue on 3/9/10
Photographer Tomasz Gudzowaty took some amazing photos of children playing golf in the slums of India. You must check them out. From Gudzowaty on what he saw:
"We associate golf with etiquette, men in polo shirts and neatly pressed trousers. A sport for those with plenty of time and some cash to spare, but a group of slum kids from India didn’t let that stop them playing the game. They don’t use the lush fairways or neatly clipped greens of a real golf club. Nor do they use real clubs or balls. Instead they use the roofs and alleys of the slums they live in as a course and melted iron bars and plastic balls to play with. They do, however, value tradition and play their game by the same rules as the real game of golf."
Very cool! The photos will only take a moment to view so check them out!

Out of respect for his work (any copyright stuff)- I'm not going to show one of Thomasz' photos on this page. On the right is a photo I took in India. The first link is the photos from India. Second is the photographer's site.

The Pics
Tomasz Gudzowaty's Site


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Clint24 says:
I looked at the pictures, and all I can say is WOW! Those are amazing! Very smart kids also...

And I love his website's name-
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